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  1. DEGopher

    There's a reason no one bothers to watch anymore (UND series)

    We are to Hockey what Bama is to football and Kentucky is to Basketball. This nonsense of the last 8 years is completely unacceptabl! I understand the intrest in focusing first on “Revenue Sports,” but the AD should be able to multi task. fix this, NOW!!
  2. DEGopher

    Ibrahim highlight video - Outback Bowl

    The good news is that since he was used sparingly, this is a red-shirt year for him and has one additional year of eligibility.
  3. DEGopher

    Nebraska Peeps Have Concerns

    it really doesn’t matter what they think.
  4. DEGopher

    Auburn Plainsman

    Fixed it for you
  5. DEGopher

    Auburn Plainsman

    It appears that way, since he was to lazy to post a link. His lack of effort set the tone for my lack of effort towards reading his referenced article.
  6. DEGopher

    Great Job Gopher Fans

    PJ Fleck is. He Trademarked RTB.
  7. DEGopher

    Auburn Plainsman

    If it’s not worth your time to provide a link, it’s not worth my time to search and read it.
  8. DEGopher

    Great Job Gopher Fans

    Now there is a phrase that is undeniably Minnesotan, trademark or not.
  9. DEGopher

    Leaving Early for NFL wish list

    The environment and tradition is certianly superior in Pasadena. Beating Auburn is superior to beating Oregon.
  10. DEGopher

    Gophers' RPO Offense: How much Fleck, How Much Ciarocca?

    I also think it might have something to do with Tanner Morgan being really good at executing it. Meaning it’s not unique in design just well execute.
  11. DEGopher

    2020 Schedule

    For sure. to add to that, Willie Taggart (although I don’t think he was given a fair shake) does have a lot more questions about his coaching abilities after his FSU fail.
  12. DEGopher

    2019/2020 P5 Conference Bowl Records

    Power 5 Summary (through the gator bowl): SEC 7-2 (78%) PAC12 4-3 (57%) BIG10 4-5 (44%) ACC 4-6 (40%) Not so Big 12 1-5 (17%) Still one more game to play.
  13. DEGopher

    Coconut Shrimp mascot

    Goldy is a guy. I don’t mean the person under the mask, I mean Goldy. Shrimp Girl is a Girl. her face wasn’t covered so the Shrimp was a girl. it seems like you struggle with mascot gender fluidity issues. You need sensitivity training. :D
  14. DEGopher

    Coconut Shrimp mascot

    there is room for three. Don’t Judge.
  15. DEGopher

    2020 Schedule

    Well good is a relative and ambiguous term. Let’s put it this way, this season (2019) FAU went 11-2, conference USA champions with their only losses being to OhSt 21-45 (showed up better than Wisconsin did in either meeting) and UCF 14-48. What out of conference team that we have played in the...
  16. DEGopher

    2020 Schedule

    Actually FAU is a good team and will likely be one next year. Now I put this game as a solid W for the Gophers, But we do have to show up. one nice thing about playing them first is they will give us a decent tune up before we play Iowa.
  17. DEGopher

    2021 CFP Playoffs

    A high class problem to have.
  18. DEGopher

    Coconut Shrimp mascot

    So, do you think Goldy put the moves on Shrimp girl? I sure hope he got her number over that stupid tiger!
  19. DEGopher

    Matthew McConaughey 'Minister of Culture' for Longhorns'

    I can see that, you meet the main criteria. - Good looking - check -Famous - check - Completely unqualified in every other way - check yep, that works
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