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    Oturu out with a shoulder injury Hopefully it’s not for an extended amount of time.
  2. Gold Vision

    Illinois Picking Butler Apart

    Illinois looks much improved this year. Tenacious on D and a great shooting backcourt. They will be a factor in the B1G.
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    Elbowing Flagrant Foul

    Anyone watching the MSU game? This elbow flagrant foul rule is getting out of hand. How is a player supposed to protect a basketball with the ball over their heads? These defenders are sticking their heads right around the shoulders of the player to draw contact. A player can't even rotate...
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    Semi OT - Volleyball Crowd

    The pavilion is absolutely rocking with a capacity crowd for the Gopher - Husker Volleyball match. It shows how strong competition can make the fans rally around our teams. No doubt the home crowd is a huge advantage for them now.
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    Graham Woodward - 2013 Edina PG UPDATED (10/15) Commits to Penn St

    Lots of twitter activity about Minnesota recruiting interest with Graham Woodward from Edina. I love this kid's Hardwood Elite Video, looks to be pretty small though. He's visiting Wazzou this weekend, mostly Ivy league interest. I'd have no problem giving this kid a shot, looks to have a ton...
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    Gold Out vs. Western Michigan

    At least they are persistent in trying it.
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    Probably the best team in the NIT not to get an invitation to the dance. Gophers open up as 1 point Vegas underdogs with an O/U of 142. I think that pace of game definitely favors the Gophers. If UW starts creeping towards 80, we are in trouble.
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    Half Time Show

    Sadly, the Men's Basketball Team was not the worst Gopher team on the floor tonight.
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    Iowa over Wisconsin. Wow.

    At Wisconsin. Marble and White looked fantastic. Conference is wide open.
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    ASU Post Game Thoughts

    1. Rodney Williams took that game over with that fadeaway and three pointer. Two clutch shots to go with his stellar game in the paint. 36 minutes for the new team MVP. 2. Get well Andre Hollins. We need a third shooter on the court to stretch the defense. 3. That was a mix of terrible...
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    RS3 Out Tonight

    Ralph out tonight per Amelia. Eliason in the starting lineup. Austin Hollins is now the most experienced player on the floor.
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    Has anyone seen this blog? I couldn't find any discussion on it. The content is horseshi*.
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    Toddler Ticket Question

    I'm sure this has been discussed before but couldn't find it anywhere. The Gopher Football A-Z webpage says that every person, regardless of age, requires a ticket. I called the ticket office just to confirm this, and they told me that children under 2 are free. Does anyone have experience...
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    New Commit - WR Brandon Brooks

    Zach Johnson, GI Twitter:
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    Boy's State Tournament

    Anyone know if there is a stream for today's games. It looks like the streaming starts tomorrow. At halftime Hopkins is up 40-29 over Owatanna. Per Ryan James twitter account, Coleman's stat line is 6-10 from the floor, 2-3 from FT line, 14pts, 3rbs, 2 assists, 2 stls.
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    Florida vs. Georgia

    Anyone watching this game? Heading into 2OT. Quite the finish with 2 buzzer beaters already.
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    ( . v . )

    ( . v . ) Anyone else see this new member logged into GH? I can't wait for his/her first post. Please use this thread to introduce yourself.
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    Devoe Status

    Very disturbing tweet by Myron. This team struggled without a go to scorer tonight.
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    Jeff Goodman -Big Ten Preview

    Fox Sport's Jeff Goodman Big Ten Preview 4. Minnesota: Smith has plenty of bigs, a talented wing in Rodney Williams and a quality backcourt with Devoe Joseph, Blake Hoffarber and Al Nolen. Boiler fans won't like this.
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    Basketball Season Tickets

    I'm looking too split a season with a current ticket holder. I'm willing to buy 2 tickets for half a season if anyone is interested.
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