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  1. Schnauzer

    noodle this plan to save the season

    I can't verify the truth level of the tweet but saw one today that said Chris Fowler's "informed speculation" is that one idea being considered is to start the college football season in Feb 2021 and have it run through June. Not arguing the authenticity of the tweet or the likelihood this...
  2. Schnauzer

    MIAC Facility Wars - next move

    MIAC facility wars have been going on for a while and it can probably be traced back to 1984 when Gustavus opened the original Lund Center. It was the premier sports complex for many years and only in recent times began to show its age by lacking in some areas that have grown in importance in...
  3. Schnauzer

    Final St. Thomas vs St. Johns game to be played in U.S. Bank Stadium Anyone want to guess attendance? I say 40K.
  4. Schnauzer


    I see the term "Minny" used by sports fans on twitter or message boards all the time. But, I rarely see the term "Minny" used by native Minnesotans. What best describes your relationship with this term? I don't see it as a derogatory thing or a term that anyone uses to get under a...
  5. Schnauzer

    best streaming service for college football

    I'm getting to that age where I am just starting to feel dumb about technology - which is particularly tough as I have traditionally been the one that family members call to ask questions about their computers, TV, etc. I am a LONG time DirecTV customer and I have to admit I have felt pretty...
  6. Schnauzer

    The dust has settled

    Well, it has now been nearly a month since the Outback Bowl. I have rewatched it too many times to admit to even my fellow readers of Gopherhole, let alone "normal" people. Despite how many times I have watched it, I am still amazed at how spectacular that game was for the Gophers. Don't need...
  7. Schnauzer

    The wet blanket

    I am in no ways officially predicting what I am about to type. I remain very bullish on the Gophers and I do not fail to appreciate all the wonderful things that were accomplished this season, even for a second. As I appreciate that stuff, I can't help but think about how many things went the...
  8. Schnauzer

    The Mall of America Bowl

    With U.S. Bank Stadium being a first class facility and the Twin Cities being a first class metropolitan area, has there ever been any talk of someone stepping up to the plate and sponsoring a bowl game here? Newsflash: It gets cold here and one only needs to look at the Quick Lane Bowl to...
  9. Schnauzer

    B1G Balance of Power

    It is interesting the way the conferences lay out and the balance between the good teams and the bad teams. It isn't common for everyone to be great at the same time, or for everyone to suck at the same time (although I'd argue the ACC nearly pulled off the 'everyone sucks at the same time'...
  10. Schnauzer

    What they're saying around the college football world about the Gophers

    I figured The Outback Bowl victory would turn some heads and a quick review of message boards around the country showed that it did. I just randomly went around to various boards and did a search on "Minnesota" to read through what has been discussed since the bowl win. Nearly every message...
  11. Schnauzer

    Transitive properties - for fun

    I get it, comparing scores can often be silly. You can say Team A beat team B and and team B beat team C therefore Team A would beat team C too. And, if you do this enough you can create paths where Augsburg would beat Alabama. So, with the understanding that it is often BS to make these...
  12. Schnauzer

    Gophers beat Auburn, land in top 10 of Strib stories!

    The Huge win over Auburn is currently #7 among Minneapolis Star Tribune stories when looking on their phone app! When combined with the fact some Gopher football photos ranked highly (but lower than Wisconsin Axe win for the sports editor), it is clear this team is starting to turn heads locally!
  13. Schnauzer

    a potpourri of impressions of the Gophers' upcoming contest with Auburn

    Alabama folks doing their research on our rodents (fairly complementary, including acknowledgement that this game gives the Gophers a chance to run their record above .500 all time vs the SEC)
  14. Schnauzer

    Auburn fans

    Anyone have a link to an Auburn board that doesn’t require a fee login to read? From what I have found so far, it seems to be mixed reactions.
  15. Schnauzer

    First time since 2005

    This is the first Gopher/Badger matchup since 2005 where I feel the Gophers actually have the better team. And of course, one only needs to look at 2005 to acknowledge the better team doesn't always win. Not to mention the Gophers are actually seen by Vegas as underdogs at home on Saturday...
  16. Schnauzer

    GameDay roll call

    Are you going? If so when do you plan to show up? With my family, we have a split situation. I am not going to the GameDay set at all but my wife and daughter are planning to get there early. I am hearing 5:30 is a safe bet for arrival? Is that true? They are catching a ride. I will then...
  17. Schnauzer

    Looking for a single cheap ticket to Wisconsin game - for a kid

    My son goes to a different college and has a UofM friend that always sells him a ticket to Gopher games. The kid was too late this time, and my son is now needing a ticket. Student tickets are sold out. Just looking for the cheapest single ticket option possible. Needs to get in the stadium...
  18. Schnauzer

    Any guesses on potential unforeseen non-participants this week?

    It is the new normal. Due to cloak and dagger reasons to not tip off opponents, we often don't know the playing status of Gophers until game warmups are underway or the ball is kicked off. Kamal Martin was a "gametime decision" one week after his injury yet didn't play until several weeks...
  19. Schnauzer

    Now that the Gophers are good, the shots are coming from all sides

    First, let me say there has been a lot of positive vibes directed at the Gophers and many in the fan base have turned the corner on Fleck and have been won over. But that isn't what this thread is about. It is about the absolute cesspool of negativity that appears on Twitter and elsewhere with...
  20. Schnauzer

    Maroon outs, Gold outs... problem solved

    Our fan base, or perhaps it is just Minnesota culture - just isn't very compatible with the large scale seating plans like white outs, or Iowa's every-other-section dress code that these schools dust off a time or two per season. It is strange, because if you put something free in our seats, we...
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