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  1. J

    Trump is Terrified - Stepien Wants More Debates and Sooner

    Dammit, craig! You forgot to lead w/ "Everybody knows..."
  2. J

    Pre-existing conditions

    And you, less.
  3. J

    Do I dare put up a Trump sign?

    Back to the OP. Why would somebody put out one of his yard signs? He's a horrible person and an even worse president.
  4. J

    The new Corona virus, should we worry?

    SON bends way too far over backwards to be patient and fair with you and the other fellas.
  5. J

    The new Corona virus, should we worry?

    Liars love liars.
  6. J

    New swing-state polls released: If the election was held today Biden would win in a landslide

    It's quite unvarnished and she swears like murderer. However, it's hard to argue with her points.
  7. J

    Do I dare put up a Trump sign?

    One of the ways to create more income inequality is to impose a tariff tax on American consumers.
  8. J

    Do I dare put up a Trump sign?

    The farmers vote for whoever pays them the most, tiny. Right now it's trump. He panicked when he figured out his tiny dick move was going to take their second biggest market away, so he bribed them.
  9. J

    Do I dare put up a Trump sign?

    You don’t like messy facts about your leader, tiny. It disrupts the narrative you fellas have created.
  10. J

    Epstein's Madam Arrested

    Speaking of fantasies,I really hope you cringe and click away at those photos of trump and Ivanka, which is what normal people do. I'd guess that Josh Duggar, who you actively support, doesn't click away. I wouldn't make boastful claims about repubs fighting pedophiles and sex trafficking...
  11. J

    RIP Herman Cain

    I hope that 999 at least got a shout out from trump in Tulsa. It's a shame to give up your life for such a foolish reason and for such a bad, worthless man. Trump would never have lifted a finger to help Cain.
  12. J

    When do the cattle cars arrive?

    Those dudes look scary, gus! I mean 2009 ACORN scary. I think the one in the middle might be over 160lbs. As frightening as they are, they don't pack quite the same firepower as your RW militias that are forming, like the dudes who showed up at Gettysburg over the 4th, pistols and semi...
  13. J

    Do I dare put up a Trump sign?

    So the $400M that trump inherited from Fred without paying estate taxes made him a self made, hard scrabble, rose from poverty, pulled himself up from his bootstraps kind of a guy, tiny?
  14. J

    Do I dare put up a Trump sign?

    I almost spat out my coffee.
  15. J

    Trump suggests possibly delaying the election

    I did a very quick search of your moniker and the words "moron," "stupid" and "idiot" and dozens of posts came up. I could spend another ninety seconds on the fun ride, but the point has been made. The best part of my quick search were your early "authoritative" posts on COVID. They were...
  16. J

    Trump suggests possibly delaying the election

    It's his usual distraction from the usual bad daily news. The larger question is why would you want to have a president who even makes these kinds of suggestions? Are the people who put up with unAmerican crap like that really worthy of being Americans?
  17. J

    Trump suggests possibly delaying the election

    My great fear is that if Biden wins we won’t see a photo like this on 1/20/21. The only possible way out of this mess is if Biden agrees to issue a blanket pardon to trump and his family. Even that might not get him out.
  18. J

    Trump suggests possibly delaying the election

    Everybody is evil but white Republican evangelicals.
  19. J

    Trump at 30% among likely Black voters = Bad news for Democrats

    Bet craig $1. He shouldn’t put $1K at risk.
  20. J

    Antifa Involvement in Riots

    I forgot about MS-13. Were they before or after the Migrant Caravan that was so frightening that trump called out the military and built three new miles of Wall to protect us? Whatever the sequence of threats, can we please not forget about ACORN??!! I didn't sleep for two years when they were...
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