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  1. highwayman

    Forde: B1G advising members it's still possible there will be no season

    Except that hospitalizations include those that got it while in the hospital or nursing facility and are still there. That is a huge number, as our hospital and nursing facility employees are the biggest spreaders of the disease within institutions. The key is how many positive cases and how...
  2. highwayman

    CBS: Staff picks: How college football should adjust its postseason format for 2020

    All the Budgies smell right now is Madison beer farts.
  3. highwayman

    ESPN: Ex-Michigan student: Bo Schembechler knew of sexual abuse

    No they don't. Schemby died 14 years ago and stopped coaching 30 years ago. Makes no sense to say this is being ignored continually and in the present. This story is not about now.
  4. highwayman

    ACC Releases Updated Football Plan

    When UND goes 6-5 and has to play in the Depends New Mexico Bowl they’ll find out what it takes to really play in a conference.
  5. highwayman

    Gopher Football Awarded Elite Outback Bowl Champion Rings

    You can get your own version $65! And here $55.
  6. highwayman

    In what year will I be able to have a full team of Gophers in Madden?

    Just create players with your favorite all time Gophers.
  7. highwayman

    Drew Cove: Will St. Thomas' jump to D1 have any impact on the Gophers?

    Fixed it. Yeah, I didn't see it was "per semester". I don't see any players walking on at UST if they get a walk-on offer from UofM. Nobody will pay 3X for no shot at a schollie. They may walk on at UST for something to fill their time...
  8. highwayman

    JD Spielman. RTB?

    it surprises me that jd picked tcu. the spielman family knows full well that ol' jer' is a ball coach who abandons his players as soon as someone looks at him wrong. they know it's who he is and it's in his blood. the spielman's know that jer' turns on his boys at the drop of a hat and that...
  9. highwayman

    Drew Cove: Will St. Thomas' jump to D1 have any impact on the Gophers?

    So, a kid is going to walk-on with a possibility of scholarship at Minnesota for $14K or walk on with NO possibly of scholarship at St. Thomas for $42K? That will have nothing to do with it?
  10. highwayman

    Shama: U Football Season May Need “Hail Mary”

    Based on what method of "counting"? Surveillance video? Satellite? Guy on news channel? Neighbor says? Same group of "statisticians" that say 10,000 people are at an event that there are no more than 500-600?
  11. highwayman

    Shama: U Football Season May Need “Hail Mary”

    There is no possible way to count or determine mask usage. Raw number or percentage.
  12. highwayman

    1967 Minnesota vs Indiana football game film

    What a typical "Minnesotan" comment, 1 post in. What we don't need any more. Total Dinkdom.
  13. highwayman

    NCAA Ruling Allows D-III St. Thomas to Make Unprecedented Leap to D-I

    You're forgetting about money. The fallacy of "massive Tommie sports donors" is something hard to get past.
  14. highwayman

    PJ FLECK in NDSU territory 2nite.

    "St Thomas area" won't kick in until...maybe a generation. Hopeful, unfunded. The mirage of "massive Tommie donors" doesn't really exist. Keep hoping.
  15. highwayman

    NCAA Ruling Allows D-III St. Thomas to Make Unprecedented Leap to D-I

    We'll see. PSU's hockey arena was $90 million. They might be able to do a D-1 arena for half that that seats 5,000. An upgrade to the football stadium would in the range of $25-50 million. UST could do all these things quickly and carry enormous debt, or take 20 years and do it right.
  16. highwayman

    Shama: U Football Season May Need “Hail Mary”

    Michael Hsu is in no way a sports fan, let alone a football fan. He is a throwback Regent to the pre-Kaler days. Complete ding-dong doorknob.
  17. highwayman

    Do you think think the Gophers will play games in 2020?

    Cases. They are not "cases". Cases imply medical treatment. Most people with COVID never see a doctor except for the test. "Incidences" is far more accurate. The percentages of people that have COVID that are in "danger" are the same as ever other disease. I am a post-COVID example. 3...
  18. highwayman

    Official: Big Ten is going to a conference-only season, playing 10 games

    Except the game would be at Minnesota. PSU already has 5 home games and Minnesota has 4.
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