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  1. t-docious

    In search of PSU tix

    Currently looking for 3 tickets to PSU. Potentially 4 if it makes it easier to sell. Text six 1 two - 2 zero one - 855 seven
  2. t-docious

    Demry in some big, big trouble...
  3. t-docious

    Badger bar to Move into old Library Location

    Surprised I didn't see this on the board yet. The Kollege Klub ("the KK") is moving into the old library space. The KK is a staple on Madison's campus and will be interesting to see how it fares here. They literally flipped their logo upside down and put the colors maroon + gold....
  4. t-docious

    The Best Part

    Made my first trip to Camp Randall and was a little hesitant going in. I had heard all the horror stories of how terrible their fans were and thought for sure I would be getting into some trouble with my big mouth. So we hit the bars on state street friday night in full maroon and gold regalia...
  5. t-docious

    Roughing Passer Call

    Anyone got a replay of that late roughing the passer flag? Was in stands and totally missed it and they didnt show the replay on the big board. Their QB seem to do a fine acting job as he led the TD drive shortly after. Was it a good call or nah?
  6. t-docious

    Sad News

    Hearing Shannon Brooks Mom has passed. Best wishes to him and his family in these trying times.
  7. t-docious

    Build the 3rd Deck

    Heck! My chilli is so dadgum hot that i think were gonna sell a lot of tix this year. Hopefully Kaler and Coyle have those expansion plans ready to go in the next couple years!!! #ROWSBOWL
  8. t-docious

    Mykelti Williams to transfer from ND... possible gopher connection Two years ago kid was a supposed silent verbal to the gophers and then ND swooped in last minute. Also, Ray Buford (same class) just alluded in a tweet that there would be a new addition to...
  9. t-docious

    The Butterfly Effect

    OK. All of the "refs don't change the outcome of a game" crowd, have you ever heard of the butterfly effect? And, how does that logic not apply to a football game. Reason and logic only (which is probably why this thread will die) go.
  10. t-docious

    Michigan Replay?

    I don't really have the 170min to make it through the BTN Replay and was wondering if anyone knows if they will do one of those 60min replay shows.
  11. t-docious

    First Brick by Brick absolutely pumped
  12. t-docious

    This is unfortunate

    Boo. Can we petition google to change that back to our logo????
  13. t-docious

    Are you cheering for Ohio State?

    As much As I despise them and their smug attitude, I gotta say yes For very selfish reasons. Also, denying Nike university their first national championship is just fine with me. Let's keep that club exclusive and **** the Badgers.
  14. t-docious

    Question for the statisticians

    I was looking up the standings on found here I noticed how we are 0-0 against the top25. Why doesn't the 25 change and reflect actual current 25 (i.e. TCU)? Doesn't that seem to be a more accurate account of S.O.S.? What's...
  15. t-docious

    If cochran doesnt jump offsides...

    ...We rout. Discuss.
  16. t-docious

    Soooo... looks like the gophers get to carry the B1G flag

    With everyone else melting down, are we the last hope? What does the TCU game mean now IF we win? bonkers????????
  17. t-docious

    KILL previews spring

    video from gophersports. Didn't see it anywhere.
  18. t-docious

    to our WR's

    GO UP AND GET THE BALL! Fruechte dont slide in the end zone. Put your body in front of the defender so ONLY YOU can make that catch or get the pass interference call! Woltarski, youre young but you cant let the ball come to you. You have to make a play on it. The post route needs to get cut...
  19. t-docious

    College football overtime: games to watch this weekend Robert smith calls the axe the coolest trophy in all of football.
  20. t-docious

    New Brick By Brick Episode "the Program"
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