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    Trump is Terrified - Stepien Wants More Debates and Sooner

    That's Trump campaign confirmation that Trump is far behind. The incumbent president wants more debates and wants them ASAP. It's sad and pathetic. In reality, general election debates should be cancelled. They're worthless talking point performances, not debates. Moderators aren't interested...
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    Believe in a global deep state, Bill Gates and other billionaires as the true enemy, etc. It sounds like Russia's disinformation campaign is succeeding globally. Felton and people like him are weak-minded sheep.
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    RIP Herman Cain

    He was a good man. It's a shame he died of the Rona at age 74. That Tulsa rally caused a good man to depart prematurely. Really sad.
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    Economy Shrinks- Bigly

    Great job Trump! Can't wait to see your ass out the door.
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    When Do Death Trains Arrive?

    The governors and legistlatures in nearly every state force me to wear a seat belt! And they required my kids to have car seats! Car seats! When will Chancellor Trump force the states to stop restricting my freedom. This is tyranny! Pure tyranny! How soon until the Luftwaffe come with their...
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    Trump Tried to Get The Open

    More attempted corruption by Loser Donald Trump. I expect the usual suspect to make excuses for Trump, and cheer him on in the comments below. Predictable sheep.
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    A-Rod is a Scumbag

    He benefited from no salary cap as a player, and now he wants one as a potential new owner. He's trying to pull up the ladder behind him. There's a reason no one likes A-Rod.
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    Fracking Companies Crooked

    Fracking companies are going under left and right. Hundreds might be gone by next year. Before these companies file for bankruptcy they're paying their executives millions and millions of dollars. Moreover, these companies are violating the law that requires them to carry enough cash to plug...
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    Trump Commutes Stone's Sentence

    Really dumb move, especially with the election in less than 4 months. Trump wants to lose by a lot.
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    Hand Over Your Taxes Trump

    New York gets them. Congress doesn't get them yet, but they'll probably get them later on. We all knew this was coming. Trump was simply buying time. It worked. Congress won't get the taxes before November.
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    Reopen Schools?

    Trump is threatening to withhold Federal funding from schools that don't reopen. First of all, he cannot do that. Second, that's not being for local control. I'm against common core, No Child Left Behind, and other Washington mandates. DeVos did a great job by fixing the fraudulent sexual...
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    Stanford Cut 11 Sports

    Tough day. Would a PAC 12 TV have saved some teams?
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    Trump Supports Indians and Redskins Names. Said Wallace Noose is a Hoax.

    Trump's all-in on racism in 2020. He's saying these things for a reason. He retweeted the White Power protester in Florida for a reason. It'll be great seeing this loser dumped in a few months.
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    Trump Retweets White Power Video

    He's now fully embraced white nationalism. Use Google and look up the video yourself. I'm going to link to that filth. If you vote for Trump, you are now officially endorsing and supporting racism. The debate on it is over. You either support racism or you don't.
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    Mike Pence Disaster

    His briefing and answer to the question on Friday were a travesty. He thinks he can pretend everything is better and the country will believe him. He thinks you're all too dumb to know the difference. It was great seeing him walk off stage when he got a tough question, couldn't answer, and...
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    Teenagers Foil Trump

    Little Gen Zers on their phones made Trump look foolish at his rally in Tulsa. These loser young people claimed hundreds of thousands of tickets for Trump's event. His campaign is too stupid to catch on. They inflated Trump's ego, hopes, and media hype. Trump actually thought a million people...
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    Trump Wants More Debates

    Another telltale sign that Biden is kicking his @ss. We'll be much better off on January 21, 2021 when this loser is finally gone.
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    Trump Cannot End DACA

    Yet. Roberts told him to go pound sand and try again. His cabinet has been very sloppy with following administrative procedure. It's not surprising because that's a characteristic of Trump. He's been losing in court very badly because of this. Trump has been a disaster for the conservative...
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    Juneteenth Rally in Tulsa

    You can't make this stuff up.
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    We're Officially in a Recession

    Falsus and others can now tell all of us how we were wrong when we said we were at the beginning of one back in March.
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