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    Jornell Brooks and Erik Gibson Medically Retire
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    Dan Capron - B1G Ref - fun stories about coaches
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    SB Nation Article - Wonderfully Chaotic Season

    This article sums up the season quite well. I'm already excited for 2019!
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    USA Football New Course on Shoulder Tackling I think not only will this decrease injuries, but also increase the quality of tackling. Co-effort with NFL and USA Rugby amongst others. Sent from my SM-G935V using Tapatalk
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    Fire Lucia Now

    Down 2-0 going into the 3rd period. Against Ohio State At home! No life in the team. No grit. No hustle. Time to re-boot the program.
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    4 tix vs Northwestern in west endzone

    I have 4 tickets for the Northwestern game - these are all together in the new added bleacher seats. Face value is $50 each - will accept $120 for all four. Driving down from northern Minnesota this evening and can meet you tonight, or tomorrow morning to exchange.
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    Nebraska - Sec 110; 50 yard line on visitor's side. Losing my best friend - can't go

    I have to put my dog to sleep on Saturday morning, so I can't make it to the game. I have two seats in the 14th row in Section 110. Great seats in the sun. I would rather sell to a Gopher fan, so only $125 each if I sell through this forum. Send a personal message to my me with your contact...
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    Positive Effects of a Football Program

    Here is an interesting read on the positive effects of investing in a football program at Georgia State University.
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    Viewing Games in Detroit Lakes?

    Anyone viewing the game in the Detroit Lakes area tomorrow? If so, are you heading out to watch it anywhere or have a regular game viewing location? Bleachers, Lakeside, Zorbaz - other?
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    The Answer to Guaranteed Victory

    All gold uniforms. I'm not superstitious, but all I know is we're undefeated (at home) in the big bananas. If we had worn them, we beat Connie - or make Bielima vomit (win/win). Bring back the solid gold and we go undefeated at home. :D
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    1 Ticket Gophers v Becky - $135 Section 110, Row 14

    I have one ticket for sale in section 110 Row 14 for Gopher fans only! It is my dad's 80th birthday on Saturday, so I can't make it. As luck will have it, this will be the year we take back the ax and I'll miss it! (Although I'd gladly miss every Sconnie game if it means we get the Ax!) This...
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