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  1. FredCoxRocks

    Steve Marik: "A lot of people don’t like PJ Fleck. I’m not one of those people. I respect the heck out of Fleck."

    I personally know a few crotchety people that have disliked him from the beginning and said he is nothing but talk. They're too proud to admit they're ever wrong, so must double-down on the hate. The biggest complaint from them - "Why does he have to run down the field after the quarter is...
  2. FredCoxRocks

    Big 10 schedule release

    I am absolutely sure we might or might not have a season, but I don't know. I think it's still 50/50 they play, or 50/50 they don't. But I am still confident a decision will be made one way or the other.
  3. FredCoxRocks

    Big 10 schedule release

    Residence halls should have enough empty rooms this semester. ;)
  4. FredCoxRocks

    STrib: Most classes at the University of Minnesota will be taught fully online this fall.

    As a parent of two kids attending the U, this saddens me. However, I feel things will be closer to normal for the spring semester.
  5. FredCoxRocks

    PP: UMN marching band prepares for an unprecedented season

    My kid is currently auditioning for the marching band. From what I know I am not optimistic that the band will be playing live at any football games...if there even are football games.
  6. FredCoxRocks

    Pending ACC Presidential approval, ND may be eligible for ACC championship

    I will never let facts get in the way when rationalizing my disdain for Notre Dame! :p
  7. FredCoxRocks

    Pending ACC Presidential approval, ND may be eligible for ACC championship

    I'm tired of ND's highfalutin attitude. Stop cherry pickin', join one conference for all sports, and stick with it.
  8. FredCoxRocks

    Reading between lines, expect fans to be present?

    I was always hoping that they would at least let students scatter throughout the TCF seats and then spread the marching band out a bit. But now a little birdie just told me that the Pride of Minnesota will most likely NOT be playing at football games this fall....if there are football games.
  9. FredCoxRocks

    Which endzone has had more touchdowns at TCF?

    Whichever end I'm not sitting in.
  10. FredCoxRocks

    Drew Cove: Will St. Thomas' jump to D1 have any impact on the Gophers?

    Shouldn't this thread be moved over to
  11. FredCoxRocks

    Phil Steele and his preseason Top 25

    I was curious, and am doing whatever I can to avoid work, so I had to compare Steele’s 2019 preseason picks with the AP final rankings. Pretty self-explanatory. I cut him some slack if he was within 10 spots, and therefore didn't give him a mark or note. I may have an error or two in here, but...
  12. FredCoxRocks

    Tony Dungy believes Minnesota is the next Clemson in CFB

    I watched that race. Did you box your exacta, or were you all in on that longshot?
  13. FredCoxRocks

    Tony Dungy believes Minnesota is the next Clemson in CFB

    To hell with baby steps...Let's take it all!!!!!!
  14. FredCoxRocks

    Shama: U Football Season May Need “Hail Mary”

    This wouldn't be the first time Hsu gave a statement while admitting he does not know all the details.
  15. FredCoxRocks

    Illinois announces home football games at Memorial Stadium this season will be limited to 20% capacity w/6-foot social distancing & reserved seating.

    It was only about 20 months ago that anyone could have said the same about Minnesota; and honestly, we couldn't argue with them.
  16. FredCoxRocks

    All Things COVID-19 College Football Impact

    Just curious...You're not talking "stomach flu" are you? Seasonal flu should not be confused with the "stomach flu" (gastrointestinal virus/bacteria), which has nothing to do with the influenza virus (a respiratory disease). My wife, a nurse, goes nuts when people tell her they had/have the flu...
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