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    Selling SRO ticket

    Had a friend have a family emergency and won't be able to make it to the game. Looking to unload his SRO Gopher pass ticket. They're transferrable through email. Not 100% sure what his price point is (will check after posting this), but likely below rest of secondary market. PM or respond here...
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    Wall Street Journal on Falling Student Attendance

    Since this is an often talked about subject here, I figured I'd share this interesting article. Apparently even for the big boys of the SEC, attracting students can be a rather large challenge. WSJ: College Football: Declining Student Attendance Hits Georgia
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    Student Section

    I was in the lower section so I have no idea how full it got in the upper deck, but as far as students staying and participating I think it was the best I'd seen in awhile. End of 3rd Quarter participation was really good and the area around me was still packed in pretty well and doing the...
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