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    Gopher Seniors

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    The Wizard of Oz- Starring

    Joe Coleman- as the Scarecrow- No Brain. Dude has no hoop IQ and is lost out there... Rodney Williams- as the Tin Man- He plays soft and whines after every call. He got it handed to him tonight by goes who should be playing for the Fighting Snails. Austion Hollins- Lion- Scared and playing...
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    Star Tribune Article Today- Mr. Versatility

    I think this says it all when our coach thinks the most versatile player on the team is a guy - Who cant dribble, pass or shoot!! I guess if he was a center it might be ok but he is a GUARD!!
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    Gopher Scouting Report

    Did the Gopher scouting report say let Aaron White beat you baseline for layups? Press the Gophers than sit back in a zone every team should do it. They cant handle the diamond press full court it is embarassing to watch. They get past two guys then they forget those two guys are behind them...
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    Joe Coleman

    How does he still get so much tick? IQ-less on the court. Iowa's point guard name Ollie blocked his shot.. :clap::clap:
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    A Time Out?

    Trevor is trapped on the baseline in front of the Gopher bench and no timeout is called??? I dont get that?? He had struggled a couple times earlier passing out of the double team. Trevor held the ball to long and basically trapped himself right in front of Tubby and nothing. The coach cant see...
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    Tubby and Tonight

    Joe Coleman was awful tonight. He really needs to work on his handle. At times it looks like there is no one home and air between the ears. If the game is up tempo and the ball being pushed up the court Coleman is real valuable. In a half court set he really struggles. Who works with the...
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    Al Nolen's Career

    Gonna miss Al's tenacious D. Al had a solid career. Al also got the most out of his game. Feel bad for Al this year getting hurt and not be able to play your senior year- thats tough. I am gald he bounced back from last year. Al dove, scrapped and hustled. He WAS the MVP in preseason tourney...
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    Blake's Career

    I respect Hoffarber he got better each year. He added things to his game each year. He got better because he put in the TIME. He became more then a 15-20 minute catch and shoot guy. His catch and shoot even got better/quicker!! Tough year for him but I respect the guy he played hard. TIME for...
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    Rodney Williams

    At THIS point in his career Rodney Williams is Nate Tubbs with a vertical.. Myron talks about Rodney having NBA tools the only tool he has is his vertical. NO mid ranger jumper, no 3 pt shot, no low post pet move, no handles.. lacks instinct this = a guy who averages 6 pts a game and is beyond...
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