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  1. HopHead

    Maryland at 2:30

    It looks like the Gophersports football schedule is updated and is showing a 2:30 start for the Maryland game.
  2. HopHead

    2 Tix For Sale: 2nd Deck, Row 1 for Nebraska

    2 Tix For Sale: 2nd Deck, Row 1 for Nebraska - SOLD SOLD
  3. HopHead

    Set Your DVRs

    Replay of the game is scheduled for ESPNU at 2:30 am Monday morning. It will be fun to watch again in mid February to beat the winter blues.
  4. HopHead

    Vegas nailed it last night

    Sorry if this has been pointed out already. But I saw the odds on last night's game at tip off as MINN -8.5 Over/Under=146. Since the 1/2 point means it can't perfectly evaluate out to an actual score, the closest scores to matching these odds would be 77-69 or 78-69. The game finished with the...
  5. HopHead

    SportsCenter top 10

    Antoine Winfield Jr.’s punt return for a touchdown made number one on SportsCenter Top 10. I wonder when the the last time the Gophers had a number one Top 10 play was, if ever.
  6. HopHead

    Any Other Lot 86ers Looking For Their New Home?

    Those of us that park and tailgate in Lot 86 on the West Bank received an e-mail yesterday that the lot is still having construction and we are being re-located to a new lot, Lot 13, that is just off Huron pretty close to the I-94 exit. I'm curious to see how traffic is both before and after the...
  7. HopHead

    Could a Thursday Night Spring Game Become a Minnesota Tradition?

    I was wondering what the hardcore fan base (a.k.a. GopherHolers) thought of having the spring game played on a Thursday night. Personally, I liked it. It was unique and set us apart from other schools. I think if it was a tradition, people would be able to plan for it and the crowd might...
  8. HopHead

    The Real Important Question: What's on Your Tailgate Menu

    This game is a no-brainer for our crew. We will be grilling up a very large quantity of buffalo wings. Sides will include bakes beans, salted potatoes (look them up if you aren't familiar) and maroon and gold jello shots among other things. Looks like awesome weather for a great time in the...
  9. HopHead

    Special Teams Could Be Fun on Saturday

    I was looking at the play-by-play of Indiana State's game against Butler and noticed that their kicker didn't have a single kickoff go for a touchback. Only one of his 7 kickoffs even made it to the goal line. The Gophers had a couple of nice returns last Saturday and I don't see why that...
  10. HopHead

    Maybe I missed it . . . Attendance Saturday

    Wasn't the announced attendance on Saturday of 51,241 a new TCF Bank Stadium record? I was kind of surprised when they announced the attendance and didn't mention that fact. Or did they? Edited: Never mind. I just found that there were over 53K last year for the Wisconsin Game.
  11. HopHead

    If you had to choose your offense's weakness...

    It looks like we are in a similar situation as Iowa in that only part of our offense is really clicking so far this season. So if you had to choose between a good running game and weak passing game or vice versa, which would you pick.
  12. HopHead

    What if Bowls Were Not Affiliated With Conferences

    I was just thinking about the last few bowl games the Gophers have been to and how the location has been pretty much pre-determined by the Big 10 bowl affiliations. We went to the Music City Bowl 3 times in 4 years, the Insight Bowl 3 times in 4 years and now the Texas bowl 2 years in a row. I...
  13. HopHead

    1st Touchdown Drive Against PSU

    The first touchdown drive against PSU was a perfect example of how this Gopher team is so different from what we have seen for so many years. It went for 96 yards and took 8:10 minutes. It included two 3rd down conversions and one 4th down conversion. It also included a missed pass...
  14. HopHead

    Pre-game bar hopping advice needed

    With the potential for rain Saturday and the fact that my normal tailgating group is down a few people due to various reasons, I am thinking about skipping the tailgating all together and just doing some pre-game bar hopping instead. Anybody have advice on what bars are open and fun to hit...
  15. HopHead

    East Bank Tailgating/Parking for Western Michigan

    I have two East Bank parking passes for Western Michigan that I won't be using because I need to park closer to the stadium this Saturday to accomodate my father-in-law. One is in lot C86 and the other is right next to it in C88. These lots are great with lots of green space perfect for...
  16. HopHead

    For those that have attended practices...

    What is the protocol for watching a practice? A couple of friends and I (all season ticket holders) would like to watch some of Thursday afternoon's practice and then go out for a cold beer or three afterwards to discuss the season, tailgating plans and other important items. I have a couple...
  17. HopHead

    Tonight's National Championship Game - Help Needed

    Can anybody here give me a good reason to pull for either LSU or Alabama in tonight's game? I am a huge fan of college football and I hate the fact that this is the last game for almost nine months and I don't really care who wins. Games are much more fun to watch when I have a dog in the...
  18. HopHead

    Fans of the Marching Band, Here's Your Chance to Show It

    There has been a number of discussions pop up here about the Marching Band and the fact that it's been a long time since they have gone to a regular season road game. I just received an e-mail from the Band Alumni Society and they are trying to do something about this...
  19. HopHead

    Illinois Game Time: Another 2:30 Start

    Sorry if this has already been posted, but on they are now showing Illinois as another 2:30 start. Normally I love 2:30 games but this is one time that I was hoping for an 11:00 start. I have another commitment at 6:00 PM that day so I will have to leave the game early. That...
  20. HopHead

    Baby Steps - We're out of the Bottom Ten

    Not only are the Gophers off the Bottom 10 after being included last week, we also put Iowa in at the coveted number 5 spot :D:
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