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    Minneapolis Downtown Council: ‘Defund The Police’ Rhetoric Killing Deals

    The Minneapolis Downtown Council business association is trying to get a message to City Hall: the rhetoric about dismantling the police force has already killed some real estate deals and has many downtown companies now looking to move to the suburbs. Steve Cramer, president and CEO of the...
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    Effect of Air Quality on Severe COVID-19 Cases

    After seeing the animation below, I have wondered why more people haven't been discussing the correlation of air quality with severe cases of COVID-19. Animation of Nitrogen-Dioxide over China and Italy Most people's take away from the animations are, wow look at much air pollution decreased...
  3. GopherWeatherGuy

    College football teams with the most returning production in 2020

    Here's an interesting read about returning production by Bill Connelly. He came up with different weights/percentages of how important returning production is across certain position groups, and how it relates to overall production increase/decrease for the following season. • Percentage of...
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    Kamal Martin to Bypass the Outback Bowl

    I'm not too surprised by this considering his injuries this season.
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    Attendance - Last 3 seasons

    There's always a ton of discussion about attendance on this board, and I found this tweet interesting. This chart shows scanned tickets vs announced attendance since Fleck arrived. <script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script> Even though attendance is...
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    Weather vs Penn St

    It's way too early to make any predictions for this game, but who's not already curious on what the weather could bring? The average high for November 9th is 45, the average low is 30.
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    Weather vs Maryland

    So far the weather looks great for next Saturday. Mostly sunny with a kickoff temperature of 55. SE wind of 10-15 mph.
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    Weather vs Nebraska

    This is a very early look at the weather vs Nebraska, but the general weather pattern next week looks dry and mild. My current thoughts are partly cloudy with a kickoff temperature of 58 and a light south wind of 5 mph. My chili is already boiling hot for this game since it will be the first...
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    Homecoming Weather Vs Illinois

    The weather doesn't look too bad by kickoff on Saturday. It will rain late Friday night into Saturday morning. It should dry out by kickoff, with mostly cloudy skies and a high temperature around 60. The wind will be out of the west around 10 mph.
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    Don't let the snow in Duluth on Sunday, or the snow in the Black Hills today fool you, we are only 100 days from kickoff against South Dakota St on August 29th!! 100 Rodney Smith and Goldy
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    Barstool is back in Minneapolis

    Check out that jacket!
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    I've Seen Enough

    I've long been a supporter of Richard Pitino, and I still think it was the right move to fire Tubby. But I've seen enough of the Pitino era. Having this poor of a shooting team is unacceptable. Continuing to start Coffey at PG is unacceptable. There is some good, young talent on this team...
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    Weather vs Northwestern

    It's a little early but here's the forecast for next Saturday. A warmer week is in store for us this week, but the cold returns behind a cold front on Friday. Light snow will also become possible late Friday into early Saturday. Tailgate temperatures will start off in the low 20s and rise...
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    Weather vs Purdue

    It could be worse, but this one won't be a lot of fun to sit through. Unless the Gophers are winning. Looking at mostly cloudy skies with a kickoff temperature of 28. There will also be a brisk south wind of 15-25 mph.
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    Importance of Coaching Staff Continuity?

    I've seen several posters complain that Fleck is in over his head, or is Brewster 2.0 because his entire defensive staff has turned over in less than 2 seasons. It's a shock to some since we never had that issue with Kill's staff. But what happened with Kill's staff is extremely rare in college...
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    Weather vs Iowa

    The forecast for Saturday looks a little tricky as several storm systems pass though the area Wednesday - Saturday this week. The one consistent thing for Saturday are the temperatures. It will not be very warm, with highs in the low 50s. At least we've already had a run of cool weather to get...
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    Weather vs Fresno St

    The weather looks nearly perfect for an early September Saturday night game. Temperatures at kickoff should be around 70 with low humidity and light wind. Temps will fall into the low to mid 60s as the game goes on.
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    Video of Bailey Schoenfelder Receiving a Scholarship

    <script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script> Another really cool way for Fleck to reward a walk on with a scholarship.
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    Minnesota Football on Barstool

    Minnesota football related items have popped up all week with Barstool in town. Here's a nice 20 minute interview with Fleck, plus a bunch of Pat McAfee clips. <script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script> <script async...
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    Elite Maroon Goldy Uniforms vs Wisconsin!!

    <script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script>
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