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  1. PoockItInfor6

    Tanner Morgan 10/1 odds to win the Heisman

    Has this been discussed elsewhere?
  2. PoockItInfor6


    For our Gameday guests, where they all commit to the Gophers.... The place would EXPLODE!
  3. PoockItInfor6

    AP #13

  4. PoockItInfor6

    Trojan Horses

    How do we protect against Trojan Horses from the Badger faithful entering these sacred Gopher territory?
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    I assume we’re all anointing the Vikings as locks to win the NFC North today after watching the NFL game last night since we are making good use of ‘Jump to Overreactions after Week 1 Mats?
  6. PoockItInfor6

    Who put ghost, chili, and reaper peppers in my chili?!

    My hopes have never been higher for a season, hope to see 50,000 of your friendly faces at all home games this year!
  7. PoockItInfor6

    Coney Durr Preseason 1st Team All-B1G

    Along with Johnson per PFF...
  8. PoockItInfor6

    Axe staying home This writer gets it.
  9. PoockItInfor6

    LBJ for B1G Championship Game Prediction But did Coyle mean 2019 or 2020 or 2021?
  10. PoockItInfor6

    If you were able to...

    Which current player’s jersey would be the first you’d purchase? There are so many options, I don’t know how I’d pick. I have a feeling I’ll be remembering this team fondly for the next 50 years (God willing).
  11. PoockItInfor6

    Depth in Recruiting

    Per Rockford’s request! Was interested, so did a little research into what our top 10 players looked like back to 2014.... Our 10th best recruit both in 2018 and currently in 2019 would have been our 3rd best recruit in 2017, 4th best recruit in Coughlin’s Empire 2016 class, #1 in 2015’s class...
  12. PoockItInfor6

    Today is the day Gopher fans!!!

    Axe comes home today.
  13. PoockItInfor6

    Support / Perspective

    I trust the process. Before this season most in here were predicting 4-8, 5-7, 6-6, and the most optimistic were around 7-5. Since then, we’ve had a lot of injuries to our best players, have shown some encouraging games (Fresno State, Ohio State), some very disappointing games (Maryland...
  14. PoockItInfor6

    OSU Tailgate Scene

    Anyone have recommendations on when/where/how to tailgate in Columbus??
  15. PoockItInfor6

    Indiana Game - 6 Tickets Plus Parking Pass Row 3, Sec 151

    My brother is getting married the following day, so my tailgate group will all be at rehearsal. Message me with offers.
  16. PoockItInfor6

    Best Non-Conference Win in the B1G

    Presumably Ohio State hangs on to win and their win over TCU is the best non-conference victory in the B1G, but I would argue for our win over Fresno State in the 2nd slot.
  17. PoockItInfor6


    Are we going to be able to change the name of this forum to 8 National Titles Forum without losing our thread history after this season?
  18. PoockItInfor6

    ELITE Culture Thoughts/Ramblings

    One thing I do want to point out for any that are not aware (my wife teaches at the U) is that our student athletes do the things that PJ preaches in the classroom: They sit in the front row, they pay attention, they don’t mess around on their phones... The kids we are getting seem to be...
  19. PoockItInfor6

    Donation Rumor

    I've heard donations in the 5 figure range have already come in since we started rowing... If true, excellent news for our program!
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