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    I finally figured out Talon

    Talon Sex: Gelding DOB: July 5, 2009 Height: 34″ tall Breed: Miniature Horse Brought Home: July 2012 Fun Facts: Despite his small size, Talon is the boss of the herd. He loves to play and pick on my larger horses, usually pulling on their tails or grabbing their neck and hanging from it. TV...
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    Mia Gerold and Coach Kill running on the field- Link at the bottom showing current picture of her.

    KYNDELL HARKNESS • At age 10, Mia Gerold sat on her family’s porch in Minneapolis with an autographed Gophers football helmet. She said at the time: “Anything that happens now is just extra.” A freshman student maneuvered through bodies already filling the...
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    Salute to Bleed

    I intended to do something for Bleed at the time he hit 50,000 posts. Unfortunately he flew by it already. Congratulations and thanks for all the major posts that you give us!
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    Star ratings in the first round of NFL draft

    7 5 star rankings 14 4 star rankings 8 3 star rankings 3 2 star rankings - Two stars were Justin Jefferson (Vikings) Brandon Aiyck (San Francisco) Jordan Love (Packers)
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    Expansion of Big 10?

    The grip that the coronavirus pandemic has on sports doesn’t just include current activities that are on indefinite hiatus, it’s also making an impact in programs seeking upward mobility. That is the case in Big Ten hockey, with the University of Illinois’ plans to announce the addition of...
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    Happy Easter

    May this be a day of reflection without negativity and positive hope for the future as this is what Jesus would want.
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    Randy Johnson, Star Tribune Comments today

    COLLEGE HOCKEY WRITER RANDY JOHNSON @RJstrib Q You get to make one game that was canceled due to COVID-19 actually get played. Which one is it, and why? — Eric Vegoe (@evegoe) A Well, I can’t pick the entire 15 games in the NCAA tournament, so I’ll have to pare it down. Another game or two...
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    3/27/2020 Sid's Column

    U football on pause before big campaign A year of great promise has been put on hold, presenting a challenge for P.J. Fleck’s staff. SID HARTMAN The shutdown of all sports because of the COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything for coaches and players around the United States. And while...
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    Promotion of concussions and Alzheimer's?

    Not Gopher related. Slow day. NBC showing the England Wales Rugby match. Brutal and makes no sense in my opinion.
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    Sid Hartman's Birthday, March 15th

    In honor of Sid Hartman's Birthday I'm going to put out my Gopher flag. Encouraging others to do the same. One of the objectives of this is to get more people to buy a flag to expand on our presence in Gopher Country. Reactions?
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    Thinking about wearing Jeans next fall /winter game when it's nippy? Here's a new product.

    When clothing designer Salvia Lani moved three years ago from Hawaii to Minnesota, she didn’t want to choose between fashionable and warm. “I moved here for love, but I got tired of freezing my butt off,” she said. During a subzero cold spell last winter, Lani went to work creating a...
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    Possible one day a year memorial day for anyone attached to the Gopher Program

    Not sure if this is a good idea, or perhaps a decent idea but not worth carrying out. We have lost Gopherholers due to the fact they have passed on. Gopherholers have lost family members or spouses who were Gopher fans. Why not annually on a selected day we put out Gopher flags on a...
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    Now I'm confused....fair catch rule.

    Watching the Purdue Wisconsin game. Wisconsin player fields a kick on the bounce. Stands there. Whistle blows. Shouldn't they have tackled him? Whats the difference between our game and this situation?
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    Any past Gophers on the sideline Saturday?

    Assuming we had some or a few former players on the sidelines. Anyone know who they were?
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    Andy Greder part two St. Paul Pioneer Press

    Six Gophers football talking points going into Big Ten media days Minnesota quarterback Zack Annexstad (5) warms up before an NCAA college football game against Nebraska in Lincoln, Neb., Saturday, Oct. 20, 2018. (AP Photo/Nati Harnik) By ANDY GREDER | | Pioneer Press...
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    Andy Greder St. Paul Pioneer Press comments

    When P.J. Fleck made his first trips around the state of Minnesota in the spring of 2017, Gophers fans let their new head football coach know the top priority was to beat Wisconsin. It had Fleck wondering aloud during stops on the U’s road trip whether it would be OK to finish a season with a...
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    UCLA National Champions

    Gophers played pretty good with the best. UCLA is national champion for the 12th time in program history thanks to a walk-off hit by Kinsley Washington. After allowing a game-tying home run to Oklahoma's Shay Knighton, with the Sooners down to their final out, UCLA bounced back in the bottom...
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    I know that Coach Fleck hosted a number of football players over the weekend. What I didn't know was that other teams had coaches their as well. I always thought that when a team hosted a camp, they would have the only coaches there. Apparently that is not the case. Are their restrictions as...
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    Jaxon Nelson of Luverne MN finally signs

    Jaxon Nelson signed his LOI on May 6 to play for the Gophers this coming fall. He has been on the radar for some time now. He played for Sioux Falls for two years. As the Gophers lost 7 forwards this past spring, they are in need of bodies. Nelson will fit in good and is willing to put the...
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    Saturday's Intra Squad Game Prediction

    Gold team by 7! 17-10
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