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  1. DEGopher

    2019/2020 P5 Conference Bowl Records

    Power 5 Summary (through the gator bowl): SEC 7-2 (78%) PAC12 4-3 (57%) BIG10 4-5 (44%) ACC 4-6 (40%) Not so Big 12 1-5 (17%) Still one more game to play.
  2. DEGopher

    Matthew McConaughey 'Minister of Culture' for Longhorns'

    Apparently, if you lose to TCU, Iowa State, and Baylor, you can still be a College Football Blue Blood as long as you have a Minister of Culture. Now, I think PJ is our real minister of culture, and I don't expect to have the same problems that the Longhorns have (like squandering the talent of...
  3. DEGopher

    Everyone was correct about Auburn!!!

    Auburn was just as good as advertised. All the SEC homers had it right, Auburn’s D was second to none and their offense was nearly unstoppable. Everyone, however. was wrong about the Gophers. They failed to consider the “Heart of a Gopher!” The Gophers just stuck it to one of the SEC’s best...
  4. DEGopher

    Some Stats That Make PSU Fans Feel Scared

    1) if they lose to the Gophers, their season is in a tail spin 2) Regardless of the outcome tomorrow, they will still be destroyed by OhSt. 3) Dirty Jerry Sandusky is back in the news, reminding everyone how PSU covers up crimes against children to protect the ever diminishing reputation of...
  5. DEGopher

    Armed man attacking Tacoma’s ICE detention center killed in officer-involved shooting Tragic loss of life. Seems so senseless. What would motivate this behavior?
  6. DEGopher

    Congratulations to Team USA for winning another Women’s World Cup

    First congratulations to the Women’s USA soccer team is in order. Although I am not a fan of soccer, I am a fan of the USA winning. Now to the point of my post. In the US, we call it soccer, but the rest of the English speaking world calls it football. Have you ever wondered what that's all...
  7. DEGopher

    Fleck or Herman, who would you rather have?

    I was thinking that the Gophers actually acquired a better coach than Texas. I think this because Fleck, as a head coach, built a team from nothing to undefeated in 4 years. Herman, on the other hand had only 1 year as head coach with relatively good talent (relative to the league UH plays...
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