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    How Many of Our Fellas Are Going to the Super Spreader Event in Tulsa?

    C'mon, fellas. Raise your hands. When you sign that waiver throwing away your right to sue trump when you get sick, I assume that you will sign a second document waiving access to healthcare when you get COVID.
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    Let's Have the Real Story

    I think this topic deserves its own thread. Instead of the piecemeal accusations and stated inferences, I would like The Fellas to explain exactly how the MSM, China, Bill Gates, Dr. Fauci, the Democratic Party and the Deep State got together to plan and carry out an assault on Donald J. Trump...
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    An American Hero

    This video is related to corona fears but I think it's worth its own thread. This was sent to me by a physician and I didn't want to watch it because I'm tired of being scared to death. This is a video by an ER doc in NYC answering questions from his family members about covid. It's really...
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    Quarantine Trump and Pence

    Things might go better.
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    Thoughts and Prayers
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    Donald Trump=Religion of the Right

    As humiliated beggar says, "Donald Trump is not a science. He is not even a human. (That's for sure! Sorry.) He is to be believed as a religion." Amen.
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    Lock Her Up!! Well Maybe.....

    Not. The fellas are going to have to wait longer for their big take down, I guess. Sorry guys...
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    Humble Beggar is Not Going to Like This One Bit!!

    Humbles has spent hundreds of posts screaming about Obama giving Iran back its own money as a part of the nuclear deal. Now trump wants to bribe the ayatollah. Oh my, humbles and his fellas will send trump back up the escalator...
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    The Art of the Deal

    Trump got Mexico to agree to a deal that it had agreed to in December and is claiming "victory" in his negiotiations. Whatever it takes to save his ugly face.
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    I Miss the Obama Stock Market

    The DJI are up 25.47% during trump. At this point during the Obama presidency they were up over 58%.
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    Allegations of Financial Improprieties at the NRA

    It looks like Ollie North is accusing Wayne LaPierre of a little self enrichment. There's only one way to settle this thing...a duel. Let them use their AR-15's to blow each other's brains out. Thoughts and Prayers!
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    This is Just Not Fair

    Now I'm Pissed. Really Pissed. More. Pissed. Than. Ever. The Polar Vortex blows up and who gets all of the recognition for pain and suffering?? Chicago!! Chicago this...Chicago that.... Who cares about their little -40 WC. We can do that in the summer! Their kicker bounces one off of the...
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    The Irony of the Deep State Nonsense

    The irony of the deep state nonsense that has had Humble Beggar, poor dial up, murderer, craig, deuce et. al. posting obsessively for over two years is that no matter how damning Mueller's report is, Trump will be very well politically and institutionally protected. The DOJ, the senate, Fox and...
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    An Article That States it Clearly
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    The Only Surprise is That He's Not in Jail

    It's long, so the fellas won't be able to read it.
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    A Disturbing Article

    This article explains in great detail the step by step process by which Humble Beggar, craig, poor dial up, jimjames, murderer and others in Trump's minority are led to their conspiracy laced alternate realities through social media. Scary stuff. A long read, but worth it...
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    An American President Encourages the Boycott of an Iconic American Company...

    ...over a problem that he created. Trumps encouragement of a boycott of Harley Davidson is yet another reason he should be tried for treason. Of course Harley is going to move jobs after he slapped tariffs on their suppliers. They have to stay in business. The Trump Denialists will be...
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    Voter Fraud
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    Why Do the American Taxpayers Have to Bail Out the Farmers?

    Trump is going to spend $12B to protect farmers from the tariffs that he has implemented. Why are farmers going to be protected from the consequences of voting him into office?
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    Minority Rule

    Bad for the future of the country.
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