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  1. Tlsbhansen

    All Things COVID-19 College Football Impact

    Would that mean we can stand and cheer at games?
  2. Tlsbhansen

    New 4* Q

    Navigator...what about Gopher Protocol?!? If only that would have take over instead of HTTP and the World Wide Web! The world would have been Maroon and Gold!
  3. Tlsbhansen

    Gophers receive a commitment from Texas WR Brady Boyd

    Welcome to the U Brady! Looks good on film to me...and PJ seems to know his wide receivers. Does this means no room for Seth Green's brothers?
  4. Tlsbhansen

    Parts of sports movies that disappointed you

    "Night putting...just putting at night...with the 15 year old daughter of the dean" "You know who that guy was Danny?"
  5. Tlsbhansen

    Parts of sports movies that disappointed you

    The strip-tease was a bit out of the blue!
  6. Tlsbhansen

    Shama: There might not be a more frequent supporter of various Gopher sports than retired U athletic director Joel Maturi

    He is still at every wrestling match. Always appreciated his support of the non-revenue sports
  7. Tlsbhansen

    Season Ticket refund

    Dumbest thread ever
  8. Tlsbhansen

    Minnesota Gophers - 2020 NFL Draft

    Looks like the Browns have done their research...Antione???
  9. Tlsbhansen

    How does our Football Practice Facilities rank now?

    Size? Or does that not matter?
  10. Tlsbhansen

    Prayers are needed

    Praying for you both!
  11. Tlsbhansen

    Vintage Gopher stuff

    A couple of hundred year old wool felt pennants and a 1960's stadium seat cushion.
  12. Tlsbhansen

    2021 Minnesota Players

    Not sure anyone is writing him off...just not sure what you expect people to do...anoint him the second coming of Peyton Manning or Drew Brees? As others have stated, if he is all that, the offers will come from teams, and possibly the Gophers.
  13. Tlsbhansen

    Citations From Iowa City Trip

    The longest ten miles of my life is through Cedar Rapids. Heard about the speed trap years ago from a friend who got a ticket, so I put it on cruise at the speed limit and then impatiently wait to get back "up to speed" once we are through.
  14. Tlsbhansen

    We Can Beat Michigan

    Just beat Iowa and Becky and I will be happy!
  15. Tlsbhansen

    Will the Gophers season translate to better ticket sales?

    I believe attendance will be up noticeably next year, but not sure how much season ticket numbers will improve. You still have the annual scholarship donation fees which are way too high. We gave up our tickets of ten years this year and went to the 3-pack (plus trip to Iowa) with our...
  16. Tlsbhansen

    Great Job Gopher Fans

    Didn't hurt that this game was close to Minnesota Snow-Bird central! Nice did look like a home game on TV.
  17. Tlsbhansen

    Offensive Coordinator Hot Board: Candidates to Replace KC

    He was a founding member of The Mosquitoes, correct?
  18. Tlsbhansen

    Stanford with thirteen players in the transfer portal.

    WashU is the Harvard of the Midwest...Wisconsin is the Wisconsin of the Midwest.
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