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    Big Ten Coaching Rankings

    Curious how everyone views the coaches across the league If they would rank them based on their full body of work as a coach, just their Big ten body of work. Do people grade on a curve, based on various programs expectations. Do people only value what goes on the court, or do they put as much...
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    Looks like we're going to Dayton Boys
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    When will the Big Ten Release the Basketball Schedule

    I know there is a thread about the non conference, but I wonder when will know when the Big Ten will release the conference schedule. I thought I'd take a stab at what it will be and see how close my predictions are. What are some of yours? Teams I think we will see twice Maryland Michigan...
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    Goodman's top 50 Ten teams from the B1G in Goodman's top 50, gophers come in at 39, and who says the conference will be down next year
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    1,000 points for Deandre

    He only had 83 points at Moorhead State, but he has 426 this year with two games to go. Wouldn't be that far fetch for him to reach 1,000 by the end of next year, probably more likely than Dre hitting 2,000. Thoughts?
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    Hou GM, Daryl Morey: Selecting Royce White Was Worst Pick In NBA History
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