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    Gopher Practice Open to the Media GopherNations comments on Gopher basketball after viewing a practice as a media member. Of the newcomers he was impressed with Carr and Ihnen, I...
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    Mid Major Football Playoff

    Mid Majors jockeying for a football playoff, makes sense to me.
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    Is Hoiberg Just A Bunch of Bull
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    Jahil In Town Tonight

    Not the most popular topic but Jahil is in town and on ESPN2 at 6PM tonight.
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    Yeah For the NCAA tOSU Sanctions

    Loss of scholerships and one bowl game for tOSU. I miss read it, only three schollerships for the period and not each year, that's not enough, bummer.
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    Rodney Williams

    He really seems more confident and assertive playing the 4 on offense. He doesn't seem to be lost in space like he did playing the wing. It's not going to help him get to the NBA but if his productivity stays high it is really going to help the Gophers.
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    Conference Resuffle Round 2

    Texas A&M Leaving Big 12 Next June Oops can't edit title
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    Dickey V Endorses Tubby

    For Maryland Job
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    Brady Hoke

    Michelle Tafoya on WCCO radio said she shared a flight from San Diego to Minneapolis with Joel Maturi and Dave Mona last night.
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    Na Na Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye
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    Colorado To PAC 10

    It is official Big 12 schools better start scrambling to find a conference or they will be left behind.;_ylt=AmV3CvFICo.8MCLpoz2g9YWth9EF?slug=ap-pac-10expansion
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    Points Against Penn State

    Points Against Penn State The three guard offense scored 30 points while the center and forward position scored 36 points. The inside positions had 17 field goal attemtps. The three guard positions had 28 attempts. The Gophs really do have an efficient inside game and they get to the line...
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    Didn't play alot last night, but when he did, ball movement was the best I have seen this year.
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    Big Ten Recruiting

    Interesting article on Big Ten Recruiting and its struggles. There is only one BCS school that has had fewer players drafted by the NFL in the last four years than Minnesota. There are a handfull or so that have had the same number...
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    Movie "Express"

    I have watched the movie "Express" a couple of times on HBO recently. Almost makes me want to be a Syracuse fan.
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    Tennessee Again

    Tennessee can't get out of the news, for all the wrong reasons.
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