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    Congrats Aaron Hill!!!

    I didn't realize it, but he is an assistant strength and conditioning coach for the 49ers and is coaching in the Super Bowl tomorrow. Aaron Hill is the epitome of everything I like about college football. He was a former walk-on who went on to become a starter at the U, graduated, earned his...
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    New OC - Mike Sanford Jr.

    Matt Simon - Co-OC. This is a really good hire.
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    Kamal Martin

    Was it an injury or something else that prevented him from playing yesterday? I may have missed it.
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    The enormous impact of Martell being granted immediate eligibility. Essentially, he was able to transfer and play immediately because he wanted more PT. With Justin Fields, while BS, the NCAA could hide behind the veneer that Fields was leaving a hostile environment. But not with...
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    So, the Gophers are doing a draft for the spring game?

    Who are your top 5 picks (in order)? Captains are already Barber and Smith - - so no picking them.
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    Coughlin - - DE or LB?

    I realize this doesn't have to be an either/or scenario, but where do you all think Coughlin ends up? Do you think he will be primarily a pass rusher (whatever you want to call the position (DE, Rush End, rush lber) or do you think he ends up being more of a traditional LB? He isn't much...
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    OK. . . so. . .we just hired a crazy person

    I don't mean that as an insult. I like the hire. I like the message. But we are in for a wild ride. This is going to be entertaining, regardless of how it goes (good or bad).
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    Tanner Morgan - QB - WMU Commit - Poaching Candidate?

    He just received an Ole Miss offer today.
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    Fleck's WMU Assistants

    Here is the link:
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    Steven Richardson

    I started a similar thread a couple of weeks ago, but I don't care. This true freshman has been incredibly impressive. He is already a good Big 10 DT. That's astonishing for a true FR. I really can't think of another FR DL that has been anywhere near as impressive as Mr. Richardson.
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    Our young DL

    The entire defense was great today, and Botticelli was incredible, but Steven Richardson and Elmore are going to be FANTASTIC players for us. Elmore already looks like an NFL player (in terms of body) and he is strong enough to play inside and athletic enough to play the end. Richardson, he...
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    TWO DEEPS. . . .

    I'm just putting together a quick list of the two deeps. It's amazing how much easier this is now than a couple of seasons ago. I'm obviously going to make a couple of guesses at a few of the spots, so feel free to critique. QB: Leidner (SO)/ Streveler (FR) RB: Cobb (SR) / B. Edwards (FR)...
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    Next Year's Senior Class. . . .

    It's improving, but it will be really nice to have a normal sized SR class next season. .. Epping Bak T. Olson Lenkiawicz Goodger Kirkwood Cobb Fruechte Perry Amaefula Botticelli Wilson Wells Thompson -A lot of players have breakout years their SR seasons, I expect some pretty big things...
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    Paula Deen Controversy. . .

    Is anyone else surprised at how drastic of a backlash she has received? I get it, it's bad. But is anyone that surprised that a 66 year old woman from the South has said that word a few times? I'm not trying to play into stereotypes of older/southern people being racist, but is this really...
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    How long did it take other Big 10 teams to find coaches?

    Illinois - John Groce - 19 days Iowa - Fran McCaffrey - 13 days Nebraska - Tim Miles - 15 days Michigan - John Beilein - 17 days NW- Chris Collins - 14 days Penn State - Chambers - 11 days Not really similar situations: Wisconsin - Bennett retired early in the year, so technically it took them...
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    Statistical look at Flip Saunders (this isn't a hate thread, I promise). . .

    I know a lot of people are real casual NBA fans or not NBA fans at all, so I wanted to give some insight to the kind of system that Flip ran in the NBA. This isn't an indictment on him. I've said that I think any system can work if it's run correctly and it has the right players. This is more...
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    Some perspective with the 2013 recruiting class

    I'm bored and antsy while I wait for NSD so I decided to look at the class that it looks like we've put together. I think sometimes the casual fan looks at the overall recruiting ranking and they misjudge this class a bit. So, I wanted to compare this class (a class that a lot of people are...
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    Evolution of the GOP . . .

    In the last few years, there seems to be a divide growing amongst conservative minded folk. There is one group that seems to be concerned with small government, lower taxes, tax competitiveness, etc. There is also another group that seems to be more interested in being socially conservative...
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    Ancient Aliens. . .

    Is this the result of pure stupidity or a gimmick to make money? Which one is more plausible?
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    Brand New Test: A Power Running Team (Iowa)

    Coming into this season, I thought our run defense would be our biggest issue. This Saturday, we face the first team who is going to line up and try to run the ball down our throats. Our DL has looked fantastic, but they are built to rush the passer and play in space. Our LBs are small...
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