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    STrib: Lynx jersey feels right for new guard and Minnesotan Rachel Banham

    I hope she earns more playing time and we get to see that sweet shot connect frequently.
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    Shama: Hopkins girls’ basketball coach Brian Cosgriff is retiring and told players of his decision this morning.

    He has done an outstanding job @ Hopkins. I hope Whalen can develop a good relationship with the new coach quickly.
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    Ivy League postpones all Fall sports

    While the mortality rate is extremely low in young people it's not zero. In addition, it is way too early to know if there will be more long term complications. We will have to learn to live with this virus like we do with many others but there remains many unknowns for this pandemic. I think...
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    Rashod Bateman’s Social Media Savvy

    Great to see such a gifted athlete show us more of himself.
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    Should Goldy Get a Girl Friend

    Yes, then Goldy could raise up his little brother to the music during games.
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    Thank you, GopherHole!

    Glad you will continue to be involved with football in some capacity. Thanks for your work on GH !
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    UConn cuts some sports teams

    Agreed but just like Pat Summit it's difficult to replace her tenacity. I prefer more parity in any sport and changes in coaching make some of that possible.
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    STrib: Lynx and former Gopher Rachel Banham willing to be a bridge between community and police

    Her perspective could be extremely helpful. I'm glad Coaches Reeves and Whalen support giving athletes a voice.
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    STrib: "Blanket Lady", Elvera "Peps" Neuman Now Channels Her Enthusiasm Towards the Gophers

    Love blanket Lady and her support for women's basketball !
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    Morgan has been getting a lot of love from PFF

    Thanks for posting these impressive stats. I think of him as a gamer and will always remember watching his elite performance to beat Auburn. Plus he has such a team oriented attitude that I hope he has an even better upcoming season.
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    Sporting News: Would you take Ferentz or Minnesota's P.J. Fleck for the next three years?

    PJF as a coach and for his dedication to make athletes good citizens.
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    Chris Doyle at Iowa is Gone

    Who hates Iowa ? Captain Kirk gets by with protecting his and his sons jobs. It's not believable he had no idea Doyle was racist.
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    Omaha-World Herald TOP 5 read stories

    Amazing it was only 3/5 on JD. Hope it becomes 5/5 if he transfers to us.
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    Black Iowa players critical of strength coach

    PSU would be similar to the " me too " movement but I don't think you are going to see many programs that ignore sexual abuse. These players are reporting racist treatment and you are correct we could start hearing about more programs that have racist coaches.
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    Damian Johnson to Benilde-St. Margaret

    Good for him and would expect they will improve under his coaching.
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    Carter Coughlin was among the protesters on the highway at the time of the semi-truck incident

    Horrifying to watch this on live TV. Glad nobody was seriously injured.
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    PJ Fleck joined ESPN First Take this morning

    Thanks for this post. PJF demonstrating again his leadership and that his goals transcend FB.
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    Rare disorder takes life of former Gopher coach

    I remember watching her play @ LA. Tech. Condolences to her family.
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    University of Minnesota won't use Minneapolis police officers for football games, other events in wake of George Floyd death

    No doubt everyone needs to have all the facts. The paramedics noted he was pulseless and non responsive when they arrived on the scene. They shocked him multiple times en route to HCMC without response. This is a traumatic event for many members of our community and the videos are gut wrenching.
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