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    NYC Gopher Bars?

    I recently moved to NYC but it seems the alumni association is horrible at updating information. Does anyone know a good bar in the city to watch the game?
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    Free radio talkshow on GI
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    Possible new 2012 additon

    Haven't seen this posted anywhere, I apologize if it has but rivals has a free article about a punter from Australia we are pursuing.
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    Jordan Fields

    Saw on GI that we offered Central Michigan commit Jordan Fields. Anyone know anything about this guy?
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    Stream available?

    Anyone know of a link for the game?
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    For a fan base that fancies themselves knowledgable...

    The Iowa boards are pretty funny. They seem to be confused about end zone touchdown rules and Gray's TD run.
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    Help finding a link

    Recently I saw a link for an article that stated OU has been told by the B10 that it would not consider it's acceptance into the conference because of academic shortfalls. I can't find this article anymore, can someone help me? Thanks
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    Rodneys dunk

    I missed sportscenter. does anyone have a link to it?
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    And give your foot to Nolen please
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    does anyone know where i can find a stream of the game tonight?
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    Stream available?

    I unfortunately have a funeral that I need to go to on friday and thus will miss the gopher game. I was wondering if there will be a stream somewhere that I could watch? Edit - by stream I mean recording.
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    Could this affect recruiting?

    Last night there was a university student who was shot in the chest outside Centennial Hall on campus as stated in a university alert. In the past four years that I have been a student, violence has been present but always seemed to be on the perhiphery. Lately, it seems like crime is...
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    everyone should read this

    whats with everyone freaking out about the football team? this board is actually painful to read now because every time i log on there are posts proclaiming redshirt freshmen as underachievers, throwing brewster and his coaching staff under the bus and everywhere people that don't understand...
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    People need to relax

    before this season started, I think everyone who is at least partially grounded in reality would agree that with the tougher schedule (Cal, @PSU, @OSU, @Iowa) a 6-6 finish would not be heartbreaking. Now, we have 1 week left of the regular CFB season, and we have the chance to finish 7-5. Me...
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    Game Replay

    does anyone know when the MSU game will be replayed on the B10 network?
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    Iowa fans are pure class....

    This is two posts from their board. "A family friend of ours wearing Michigan gear was slugged in the face while sitting in section 104 of Kinnick stadium last night. Apparently they were cheering too much after the early pick six by Stanzi. I was totally embarassed by the action of two Iowa...
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    Rest in Minnesota. We win a game and you complain about students, who have been stellar to this point this year. You just love to find something to bitch about. This season is a bit of an adjustment, people underestimated how cold it would be up in the stands with 15 mph wind in our face for...
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    Duane Bennett

    He only had 2 carries on saturday, was he injured?
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    Marquise Hill a Gopher

    Reported on, gophers land #16
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    I JUST got back from the game and i must say that the student exit was CRAZY after the game. It was a big bottleneck so we took the opportunity to do all the good cheers (Who hates iowa, F#$@ the Badgers, and ofc the rouser) The sea of fans pouring down those stairs and all of us equally...
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