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  1. GopherNuts

    Wrong forum

    Any chance this can be deleted? Edit: since it seems this thread is going to get some run, i’d like to give everyone the opportunity to donate to the number of projects supported by Global Giving in fighting against COVID-19. Anything helps. Be safe for yourself, those you love and others...
  2. GopherNuts

    Ciarrocca a candidate for the West Virginia Offensive Coordinator job?

    Buzz about it on Twitter and some of the message boards.
  3. GopherNuts

    Gophers alum Caleb Truax wins the IBF Super Middleweight Championship in a huge upset

    <script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script> No doubt the biggest upset in boxing this year. James DeGale is widely viewed as the best Super Middleweight boxer in the world and was a big time favorite. As you can see by his trunks, Truax is a huge...
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