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    Tyler Johnson

    Nice article: sounds like he was pretty close to turning pro.
  3. Mulligan

    Wouldn't Have Happened in the 1960's

    Actually, sort of a fascinating case. As an old guy, my first inclination was to shake my head but upon reading the whole argument by the parents ... ?
  4. Mulligan

    The Athletic article on P.J.

    Don't think has been linked. Good read. He is different, but we already knew that. Carter certainly believes.
  5. Mulligan

    Fun Read About '97

    This story brought back many memories, not only about the UCLA game, but it also captures the passion many of us feel about our Gophers. Warning to dpo--lots of romanticizing.
  6. Mulligan

    1997 Does Exist! Fun article for those who don't refuse to acknowledge that the '97 team actually did play the games.
  7. Mulligan

    What the Hell Poll

    I sure don't know how to set a poll up but will Rutgers students rush the floor if they get there first BIG victory against the Gophers? Morris dismissed, 3 knuckleheads suspended, and now Joey out with injury. Do they have any pride?
  8. Mulligan

    Konate Thoughts?

    Good thread on Buggs, now what are the early impressions of Bakery? Great opportunity to get minutes last night and I kept my eyes on him a lot. Obvious potential, but I was surprised at how many times the ball was right there for him, and he failed to secure it. Positioning, anticipation...
  9. Mulligan

    All Sorts of Misconceptions

    Last night's game got me thinking about how you just never know. -Liked the Pitino hire but thought we'd be at a disadvantage when the young coach went up against the likes of Matta, Bo, Crean, etc. They would know how to prepare for us while Pitino was still learning on the job. Great seeing...
  10. Mulligan

    Golf Trips

    Just got back from a swing through North Dakota doing their "Triple Challenge". Lots and lots of driving but I'm not sure I've ever played three more fun golf courses than Hawktree, The Links of North Dakota, and Bully Pulpit. All are unique with holes more dramatic than anything I've played...
  11. Mulligan

    California and Cobbs on FSN now

    Not sure of how he's done but FSN just switched to Stanford playing Cal. About 9 minutes left.
  12. Mulligan

    Gopher Hole Version-"Night Before Christmas"

    T’was the night before Christmas, when all through the ‘Hole No one was stirring, nary a soul. Stockings were hung by the chimney with care, With hopes that St. Nick would soon be there. Gopher fans were nestled all snug in their beds, While visions of banners and roses danced in their heads...
  13. Mulligan

    More Kill Comments on Players

    Surprised this article wasn't posted. If I had a kid who played college football, I'd sure want him to play for this guy. He's been lying low, but I hope this causes Oneoldgopher to disappear.
  14. Mulligan

    Delvon Roe quits

    Haven't seen this posted yet so sorry if it's a repeat. Just saw on SI that he is quitting because of knee problems. Certainly improves our outlook though I can't work up the hate for the Spartans like I can for the Badgers.
  15. Mulligan

    Draft Prospects

    Interesting SI article from Seth Davis. Supposedly asked 5 NBA scouts about collegiate prospects. A rundown of 56 of them. Too many to concentrate on, but the views on Big 10 players are interesting as well as noting who is not on the list...
  16. Mulligan

    Here's Proof It's a Good Hire

    From SI. Still trying to decide how I feel about this, but it is pretty funny they go to the coach most of us despise to get a Big 10 coach's view. The asshole gives a glowing endorsement, but not sure how much it's worth. (Will he run up the score now if he has a chance?) "Played hard...
  17. Mulligan

    Most Satisfying Gopher Victories

    Still smiling. It's hard to believe that a 3-9 team could cause that much joy with a victory, but the end of that game was awesome. There had been so many big plays like the onside kick, McKnight's catch, Gray's effort for a first down, Collado's tackles, and, of course, Stoudermire's hit...
  18. Mulligan

    Twins ???

    Not panicking yet, but the play of the Twins lately is starting to get worrisome. We're not exactly playing powerhouses, and our boys are looking like crap more often than not. Expected a bit of a letdown after clinching; realize there are a bunch of people hurting; know that the Rays and...
  19. Mulligan

    A South Dakota Experience

    Will upset some but a funny article by former sportswriter, Doug Grow, about his experience at the game in MinnPost. From the level of meltdowns around here I can't quite pinpoint who the Gopher fan is but am pretty sure it's a GHer...
  20. Mulligan

    Congratulations, GHers

    Nice to see the lack of response to the Tribune's Gopher Football column today. Ignoring Fat Ass when he does his usual crap regarding Gopher sports is the best way of handling the slob. Not giving him hits on the Tribune site is effective, but I would guess he'd rather have all sorts of riled...
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