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    Favorite Gopher for 2020

    I was a Brooks's hard to move many good choices. Spann-Ford
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    Cheerleaders Not Cleveland St. Get Punished

    I wonder if the basket tosses made YouTube???
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    Lutefisk VS Grilled Salmon

    Brewster for me - he was a fish out of water...
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    Daniel Oturu's draft position

    Wow! Much lower than I anticipated. He may end up playing in the G League with his former teammates...
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    Which player made you fall in love with March Madness?

    Many names come to mind: Walton, Bird, & Magic top my list; Gophers: Willie Burton & Bobby Jackson were fun to watch also. Great post - great memories
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    What's your "Priority Points" Ranking - Part 2?

    I've had basketball tickets for 20+ yrs and football tickets for 15+ yrs. I have not cracked the top 1000. Granted I am not a huge giver, but have been a steady middle of the road giver for quite a long time...
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    Greenlee enters portal

    He wasn't a B10 guard as a freshman, but maybe with experience could have turned into one. I liked the guy, and he did provide some depth, but he will probably better suited closer to home at a lower level. Best of luck BJ.
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    Chip: When the games come back, will you be there?

    I will be back, but totally realize things will be different. I am willing to make those changes and trust our administrators will not allow fans without strict safety regulations. I too am in the at risk group.
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    I renewed my season tickets

    I haven't renewed yet, but will. I use their payment plan and usually don't start paying until their last date. With the renewal extension in football, I haven't made my first payment on that plan yet. It was moved back until May 5th. I'm also one of those loyal guys and just enjoy Big 10...
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    Home and home with Mississippi St.

    I'm just hopeful that we are able to play a full schedule,,,
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    Basketball Legend Curly Neal Dies: Harlem Globetrotters Super Dribbler And TV Star Was 77

    He was amazing. Another Legend passes. I saw him a couple of times also. Always amazed me. Nothing said about load management during his era...
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    The greatest game you ever saw!

    It's a tie: IU game @ B10 tournament in 08 & Clemson game in San Antonio in 97, both crazy fun games.
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    Is it time to replace Williams Arena?

    I've heard rumors that it is on the list for remodeling/renovation, but there are a few projects in front of it...namely getting AV paid for first...
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    Wally Ellenson highlights

    Looks like a New Zealand team...
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    Basketball floor

    Yeah the 8:00 week day games are killers. With a 2 hr drive, I definitely pick & choose on those. I know it's all about TV money...
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    Basketball floor

    It does look much better in person. I actually think it is fine, but I don’t often watch home games on TV. Solution to the season tickets and come to the games. (I know, that doesn’t work for everyone...)
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    Outback Bowl Attendance - 45,652

    The people sitting near us were going to the Gator Bowl on Jan 2, a nice double header for them.
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    If the Gophers win Saturday you will?...

    Win or loose, we are bowl game bound to a warmer climate... :cool:
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