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  1. Slim Tubby

    Gopherhole Mobile Issues

    Over the last week, I've had serious problems accessing the web site on my phone and I think it's related to the side banner ads. When my I-Phone attempts to load the page, it freezes my mobile browser completely and I need to power down my phone to re-boot it. I have no issues accessing any...
  2. Slim Tubby

    MN-MI Game Thread

    8 minutes left in the 1st Half and just yuk...yuk I say. Same problems...poor shooting, poor perimeter DE, lousy substitution patterns and the beat goes on. We might still come back to win this game but the team is performing so far below expectations (even with the injuries and departures...
  3. Slim Tubby

    Nice job, Nadine!

    For those who didn't have a chance to listen, Nadine was on with PA at KFAN this morning and was AWESOME. PA was even handing out huge props to Monter and at the end of the interview. Great job, Nadine...I hope it becomes a weekly gig for you!
  4. Slim Tubby

    Last recruit for 2011-12

    Assuming Trevor returns (big assumption IMO), when you break down our roster, even if Andre proves to be a stud and can play PG, we really need to look for a JUCO PG. Anyone have any links/leads on the best still available?
  5. Slim Tubby

    Gophers-Michigan Game Thread

    Good teams win these types of road games. Are we a "good" team? We'll see in a couple of well, Gophers!
  6. Slim Tubby

    Game Thread: Gophers vs. SD State

    For those that can watch, updates would be greatly appreciated. Thank God for the Big 10 Network and all this great additional coverage. :(
  7. Slim Tubby

    Gophers-Akron Game Thread

    Man...what is with our guys playing down to their competition, especially at home??? This club is going to get rolled in their first two Big 10 games. We are NOT a Top 25 team at this point - no frickin' way.
  8. Slim Tubby

    Gopher-EKU Game Thread

    Ugly game so far...guarding against the 3 poorly again. No energy from the Gophers thus far.
  9. Slim Tubby

    We really, really will miss Nolen

    Mav is doing a decent job but defensively, Nolen is a difference-maker. I hope we survive this game and their hot 3-point shooting but I think most of us (me included) really underestimate (sp?) Al's impact on a basketball game running the point on both end of the floors. Go Gophers!
  10. Slim Tubby

    Coaching Decisions

    Tubby's decision to put Nolen on Mitchell half way thru the 1st Half was vital...and obvious. I don't recall Mitchell scoring on him and the rest of points seem to come from fast break opps or offensive rebounds. Huggie held on to the 1-3-1 zone until late and was very effective. One could argue...
  11. Slim Tubby

    Gophers vs WVU Game Thread

    Mitchell reminds me of the "good" Westbrook. Iverson came to play, Rodney did not. We cannot afford to lose Mbakwe. We really miss Devoe's outside shooting.
  12. Slim Tubby

    Personal request for Rouser tonight

    Rouser...if you should happen to charge the court tonight during a timeout and tackle the Mountaineer mascot, I will personally wire you money to post bail. Just sayin'....
  13. Slim Tubby

    Top 5 MN Teams you root for

    Name the Top 5 MN teams that you cheer for in order of your personal preference: 1. Gopher Men's Hoops 2. Gopher Men's Hockey 3. Minnesota Vikings 4. Gopher Football 5. Minnesota Twins
  14. Slim Tubby

    Some random thoughts on UNC game

    Now that I'm recovered from my Vodka Sour induced Martian hangover celebrating the big win last night, some things stood out to me: 1. UNC is really soft...I mean Mother Teresa soft. That team would get absolutely punished in the Big 10...
  15. Slim Tubby

    Official Siena-MN Game Thread

    I'm flat-out freakin' PUMPED to see this team and the new guys finally play. Go Gophers!
  16. Slim Tubby

    It's time for Uncle Joe to go

    Can just one (1) person be solely responsible for completely destroying an Athletic Department? This is Joel: Football: Enough of the worst programs in the NCAA Men's Hockey: National power reduced to being swept at home by *&^!#*&^!#*&^!#*&^!#ing Nebraska-Omaha Women's BB...
  17. Slim Tubby

    Woodard from Duluth East

    This sophomore seems to be putting up some huge #'s for the Greyhounds including 47 points the other night. Anyone have a description of his game? Are we actively recruiting him? Is he a legit D-1 prospect (or too early to tell)? Thanks in advance!
  18. Slim Tubby

    What I liked the most yesterday

    There was plenty to love about yesterday's game: the sky hook by RSIII, Allen's 3-pointer, Rodney's alley-oop, the team's enthusiasm and passion. However...what I liked the most? Ralph smiled...and he smiled more than once. He is such a stoic person that it's great to see him show excitement and...
  19. Slim Tubby

    Recruiting gossip....JohnnyGopher??? mentioned in an earlier post that something may have occurred pertaining to recruiting but "couldn't comment at this time". Are you able to talk further now or at least tell us which player it involves? Also, can others add to the list of kids we are recruiting aggressively at...
  20. Slim Tubby

    Minnesota Hockey is in ruin....

    ....And they better do something quickly. Losing to the "little sisters" is unacceptable and Lucia better be nervous. This program is losing heat faster than a fart in the wind and nobody seems to give a damn. This is the worst I can remember the program and I don't want to hear about excuses...
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