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    I love Bakary's effort, but check out his brother, Sagaba's stats at WVU. He would have looked nice in Maroon & Gold...esp now.
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    Maryland-Minnesota game time? UPDATED: 11 a.m. and can be viewed on FS1

    Any speculation on when this game will start? And when do they announce it officially?
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    Some of our recruits have a listed position as ATH. Does that mean we signed them for their athletic ability and will determine a position later?
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    Did anyone else notice pictures being taken of what appeared to be a recently wedded couple at the goal line on the open end of the field as the celebrating was going on at midfield on Saturday? There was a gal in a wedding dress, a guy nicely dressed guy and what appeared to be a photographer...
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    NW game time on Sunday, Jan 6?

    Anybody have any inside information as to what this game time might be? I hate these TBA games...
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    Kris Joseph, Syracuse

    Didn't realize this Joseph was a relative of Devoe's...
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    Indiana Game Feb 25 or 26?

    Anyone have any inside information on whether the Indiana game will be played on Sat, Feb 25 or Sun, Feb 26?
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    Iowa game start time?

    Anyone have any inside info as to when the start time for the Iowa game on Oct 29 might be?
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    If you drink Pepsi consider us...

    St James public schools is entered in the Pepsi Refresh Challenge in the month of August. With enough support they could receive $25,000 from Pepsi to transform an outdated tennis court into a playground/classroom for 0-5 yr olds. If this sounds like a project you would like to support by...
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    Bobby Bell Jersey retirement

    It seems that it took us a long time to retire Bell's number. Does football follow the same requirement as basketball as far as earning a degree before your number can be retired? Also, how is Coach Cosgrove son doing? Still hospitalized?
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    Last nite was the type of game we could have used Travis Busch. He was scrappy and had a way of getting teams out of their flow. Frequently he would come up with a loose ball and/or big basket - just had a good knack/nose for the ball. He wasn't the most talented player we had, but definitely...
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    Isaiah Dahlman

    I'm thinking he's pretty happy about his decision to attend MSU these days, despite limited play.
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    Face from the past: Undefeated Mike Peterson

    Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. Check this out.
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