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  1. 2nd Degree Gopher

    Ski-U-Mah Lot question

    I noticed prior to the SDSU game that there was some construction-related equipment on the empty piece of land just east (or southeast) of the Ski-U-Mah Lot. Saturday it appeared that there was some type of site preparation work underway and a construction fence was set up on the east end of...
  2. 2nd Degree Gopher

    Getting to know Central Michigan University

    Central Michigan University is located in Mt. Pleasant, MI. It appears to be located just about in the dead center of Michigan's lower peninsula, go figure. For the geographically challenged, the lower peninsula is the part that looks like a mitten, not Wisconsin's comb-over. The Chippewas...
  3. 2nd Degree Gopher

    David Cobb activated

    David Cobb has been activated by the Titans and may make his NFL debut this weekend. He has been practicing for a few weeks, so there is some hope that he'll get carries right away.
  4. 2nd Degree Gopher

    Iowa Tickets

    It appears that the U has sold out its allotment for Iowa. Good news, except that I need four tickets. Anybody with extras hoping to see them go to Gopher fans?
  5. 2nd Degree Gopher

    Preview of new gameday experience at TCF?

    I attended the Guinness International Champions Cup yesterday at TCF Bank Stadium. Seating area appeared to be a little over half full, with announced attendance of over 34,000. The sun was pretty intense for a large part of the first game and there were many people in the concourse taking...
  6. 2nd Degree Gopher

    Purdue game time??

    Anybody know when they are expected to announce a start time for Purdue on January 5? It's still listed as TBA.
  7. 2nd Degree Gopher

    Berkley Edwards

    Anyone heard how Berkley Edwards is doing? I realize that he’s likely to redshirt, but I’m wondering if anyone knows if he’s fully recovered, practicing at 100%, running with the scout team, etc.?
  8. 2nd Degree Gopher

    Is traffic congestion a real problem at TCF Bank Stadium?

    Part of the media conversation about attendance issues at TCF Bank Stadium has focused on traffic related complaints, e.g.“It’s gridlock,” “Traffic is a nightmare,” “It takes forever to get there,” etc. I have heard this or seen it from multiple media outlets, but I have never had a...
  9. 2nd Degree Gopher

    Silver lining for Wisconsin

    If he hurries, perhaps Bo can get back to Madison in time for the Chicken Dance at Bielema's wedding reception.
  10. 2nd Degree Gopher

    Two for sale for Ohio State (2-14)

    Two seats, chairbacks in row 2, section 205. $75 and I'll throw in a parking pass. Available for pick up in downtown Minneapolis. PM if interested.
  11. 2nd Degree Gopher

    Norfolk State for Singleton

    SIAP, but I didn't recall seeing a destination here for Brent Singleton. He'll have two years remaining at Norfolk State, per the article below. Best of luck to him.
  12. 2nd Degree Gopher

    What improvements are needed for the Vikings to use TCF Bank Stadium?

    According to today’s Star Tribune, the Vikings estimate that, if they are to play at TCF Bank Stadium, there will be $11M in required improvements to bring the Bank up to “National Football League standards,” plus another $19M in parking improvements. Other than the heating coils, anyone know...
  13. 2nd Degree Gopher

    Ryan Thelwell retiring from CFL

    One of my favorites from the Wacker era is hanging them up.
  14. 2nd Degree Gopher

    Story on another version of Floyd

    Didn't know this "other" version of the pig from 1935 existed. From the Daily:
  15. 2nd Degree Gopher

    How will you (initially) evaluate the new hire?

    Whether this hire ultimately proves to be a good one or a bad one will be determined over a period of years, but like the media and most fans, I will form an initial assessment once the new guy is announced. Too often, teams seem to try to address the shortcomings of the last coach by hiring...
  16. 2nd Degree Gopher

    Embracing the history of the program

    Whoever the next coach is, and whether he takes over five weeks from now or five years from now, I hope that he is as committed as Tim Brewster seems to be to learning and preaching the history of the program. I have been attending games regularly and following the program closely for 25 years...
  17. 2nd Degree Gopher

    Ray Williams having a tough time

    Boston Globe article:
  18. 2nd Degree Gopher

    Northern Illinois info

    Here's an article on some tweaks to the offense of one of our non-conference opponents.
  19. 2nd Degree Gopher

    Scheduling Conflict

    Did this happen the way I remember it? 1) The Gophers need to or decide to schedule their first game of the 2010 season on the road so as not to conflict with the State Fair. 2) The best alternative they can find is a game at Middle Tennessee State. 3) The game is set for Thursday...
  20. 2nd Degree Gopher

    Spring Game Info

    Sorry if I missed this before, but received an e-mail confirming scheduling for the Spring Game: SATURDAY, APRIL 24, 2010 TCF BANK STADIUM 11:30 Victory Walk 1:30 Game *Free Admission *Tailgate Party on the Williams Arena Apron 10:30-1:30 [Hosted by GLC] *Mini Footballs for the kids...
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