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    Chris Jones released from Louisville

    Chris Jones Gaurd from Louisville averaged almost 14 ppg. Maybe if the circumstances of his release aren't too serious. Pitino could get him to be a gopher.
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    Do you like the "blackout" idea?

    I'm interested to see what the consensus on the board. Seems like we have a few members strongly against.
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    What Incomming 2015-2016 player are you most excited for?

    Thought I'd make this poll since our great class came to an end yesterday.
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    Twin Cities Classic: Aug. 10 @ Woodbury High School

    On Aug. 10 (not sure of times) there will be three All-Star games, a dunk contest, and a 3-point contest. Multiple Gopher recruits, class 2014-2019 will be at the event. Matt Jessen-Howard is Director of the event, and Alex Kline is on the Board of directors so it should be a good event...
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    Austin Hollins Invited To Portsmouth Invitational

    On April 16-19 Austin will participate with the top 64 in senior class.
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    Andre's lack of explosion

    What happened!? Came across this highschool clip, but i think I've only seen him dunk one time in a game. He looks quick with a huge verticle.
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    Bjorn Broman - Class of 2015 Leads Nation With 41.0 ppg

    Broman plays for Lakeview Christian Academy, a class A school in Duluth. Are we giving him any looks?
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    Jansen Baranowski

    Does anybody know anything about this guy. Or if he has any potential for us?
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