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    Looking at the Archives: A Farewell to the Dome

    For the younger members of this board, I think you'll find this an enlightening piece, especially in light of the Gopher's current success. I lived through it and had forgotten how Holtz was a major influence in the Gophers staying at the Dome. For Gophers, Metrodome went from blessing to...
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    SON Has Gone Missing

    Two weeks now with no SON's report on the interview with Sid and PJ on WCCO. Can someone tell me what's going on? I'm missing the man from southeast Minnesota!
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    Wisconsin, Iowa big losers to 2020 NFL Draft

    Two western rivals, Iowa and Wisconsin each have four players leave prior to graduation. Western: Illinois: Oluwole Betiku, DE (graduated with eligibility left) Iowa: A.J. Epenesa, edge rusher Geno Stone, S Tristan Wirfs, OT...
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    Who Coaches the Quarterbacks?

    This was a position of great improvement in 2019. With KC leaving, I'm thinking the position coach for the quarterbacks is as an important hire as the offensive coordinator.
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    Wisconsin versus Minnesota, The Biggest Game in my Gopher Lifetime

    We've all had the dream. A Gopher game at the end of a regular season with something on the line. Next Saturday, November 30, 2019, a day that will live in our collective memories forever the Gophers have the opportunity to reach heights we only dreamed about, and certainly never told anyone...
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    Nothing has changed

    If the Gophers win the next three games they will be in the Championship Tournament. If they win the next two games they will be in the Rose Bowl. Spoiler alert, they will win the next two games.
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    Gophers Clinch West Division this Saturday

    Gophers beat Iowa, soundly. Nebraska grows a pair and beats Wisconsin slightly. Tell me I'm wrong!!!!
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    To the Victors Go the Spoils

    Several very good articles posted today. If they've been posted before I apologize. Per Pat Forde, Sports Illustrated: Forde-Yard Dash: Assessing Each Candidate for the Fourth Playoff Spot Three College Football Playoff spots seem increasingly certain. But who will get the fourth? Here's...
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    Iowa is a Trap Game

    Per Pat Forde: If today were Selection Sunday, this is how The Dash would arrange the bracket: Top seed LSU (7) vs. fourth seed Minnesota (8) in the Peach Bowl. The Tigers (9-0) have by far the best resume in the nation. See above for further details. Next for LSU: at Mississippi. The...
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    Next Week's Gopher Ranking on the CBS

    I'm thinking number 8 FBS, shoot
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    Minnesota Unchained

    I understand this post will be here for all time. Sometimes you must look at history to predict the future. We are a downtrodden fan base. We have been kicked around by the big ten for many years. Yes, we’ve risen above the noise to win game here or there (can you say Penn State 1999) but...
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    The Experts Begin Predicting the UM/PSU Outcome

    Pat Forde (now of Sports Illustrated: Penn State at Minnesota (16). The other clash of unbeatens. This is probably the biggest Gophers home game since Nov. 18, 1961, when No. 5 Minnesota beat No. 7 Purdue. It’s the first time the Gophers have been 8-0 since 1941, when they only played eight...
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    Gophers' goal to contend in November looms as tough assignment

    “They’re good. Better than we’ve expected. But they’ve been here before,” DiNardo said. “And if it’s going to be any different than Tracy Claeys’ last year, we’re going to find out … in the tough November.” Even if the Gophers fall short of a dream season, DiNardo sees Minnesota’s future as...
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    Investigation begins into new allegation against Jerry Sandusky

    An investigation has begun into a new allegation of sexual abuse against imprisoned former Penn State defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky. According to the Centre Daily Times, Penn State police said someone came forward with an allegation of abuse between 2000 and 2010...
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    Gopher Talent vs. Ohio State

    I read the following take from Chris Spielman, former OSU linebacker and current NFL analyst. "Spielman now estimates there are 40-50 players on the current roster who will get into NFL camps. That's Miami-level type stuff from those 2001-02 powerhouse Hurricane teams." How do the Gophers...
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    BTN Profile on Tyler Johnson

    Number 6 has a very good story to share.
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    Minnesota Goes to the Rose Bowl in 2020, 2021, 2022?

    Boy howdy, did I get a full glass of kool aide tonight. I had read swingman's written history of Fleck's lookout on Illinois (thank you again) but seeing it really jacked me up. This team will win a big ten title in 2019, 2020, or 2021. I've NEVER been so optimistic about a Gopher team in the...
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    What If WMU Had Beaten Wisconsin?

    Would the Gophers have been able to hire Fleck had the Broncos gone 13 - 0? I say no.
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    Big Ten 2019 strength of schedule rankings

    13 The Gophers noncon is more complicated than it looks. South Dakota State should be an easy win, but a road trip to Fresno State won't be (remember, Fresno nearly won at Minnesota last season), and an option team like Georgia Southern always causes problems. Minnesota's conference schedule...
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    Big Ten Sleepers in 2019

    Per 247: Why the Nittany Lions are a sleeper: How many national analysts have picked Penn State to beat Ohio State and Michigan this season as champions of the Big Ten East? Zero that I've found. Much has been said about the loss of Trace McSorley and Miles Sanders offensively, two...
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