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  1. IceBoxGopher

    Next Year

    The season unfortunately came to an abrupt end, but the Gophers had a shot there to make the tourney and really started surging at the end of the season. It gives me some real hope for next season. The start of the year was rough, real rough, but the team really grew this year, so ton of credit...
  2. IceBoxGopher

    The end of the Smith and Brooks era, looking back

    While the passing game has been a highlight for the 2019 season, the Outback Bowl aslo marked the end of Gopher careers for Rodney Smith and Shannon Brooks. The two had awesome moments, especially Smith, but it's unfortunate that they had to deal with a large amount of injuries. Brooks missed...
  3. IceBoxGopher

    Regular Season Wrap-up Thread

    Figured it'd be nice to have a more streamlined thread looking back at the last game and the regular season as a whole. From my perspective, yesterday stung. It hurt a lot, there was a lot on the line with the Axe, the series lead, the division title outright, the title game and a Rose Bowl...
  4. IceBoxGopher

    Media Predictions: Minnesota vs Northwestern

    College Football News has a consensus pick of the Gophers winning with all the writers taking Minnesota. Cappers Picks is taking the Gophers, 42-10, but with the notion of Morgan is playing. Assuming Morgan is playing, the Gophers are going to win this game big. They are the better team and...
  5. IceBoxGopher

    Media Predictions: Minnesota vs Iowa

    In College Football News' initial week 12 picks, seven went with Iowa and nine are taking Minnesota.
  6. IceBoxGopher

    Media Predictions: Minnesota vs Maryland

    Sporting News takes the Gophers, but not in a blowout Maryland can turn this into a shootout if they limit the turnovers. We think that’s the most likely scenario. Minnesota wins 38-27 but FAILS TO COVER the spread.
  7. IceBoxGopher

    Media Predictions: Minnesota vs Rutgers

    College Football News is going with a Minnesota win, 30-10 At some point, Rutgers is going to have one of those out-of-body-experience games when something just clicks... That won’t happen this week against a Gopher team that will control the clock for at least 35 minutes, but at least the...
  8. IceBoxGopher

    Minnesota Wild 2019-2020 Season Thread

    Finally earned a victory today.
  9. IceBoxGopher

    Win No. 700

    Minnesota joins 27 other FBS programs with at least 700 wins!
  10. IceBoxGopher

    A Gopher Hole Discord

    I was wondering if this idea had been brought up before, but I did a quick search and didn't find any results. I was wondering if there was any possibility of setting up a Gopher Hole Discord? It of course could be made for all sports, I just picked football because it's in season. From my...
  11. IceBoxGopher

    Celebrating The Bank's 10th Anniversary

    Gophers Youtube channel put this out today.
  12. IceBoxGopher

    Media Predictions: Minnesota vs Georgia Southern

    College Football News predicts a Minnesota victory, 37-13. Minnesota is overdue for a strong, easy performance. The coaching staff proved it could figure out the option attack when it took down Georgia Tech in the Quick Lane Bowl at the end of last season. However, it’ll be the Gopher offense...
  13. IceBoxGopher

    Gophers are 4-1 in overtimes over last decade

    Going back 10 years, Minnesota has usually been on the victorious side in overtime match-ups. 2009 Vs Syracuse, W 2012 Vs UNLV, W 2015 Vs Colorado St, W 2016 vs Penn St, L 2019 Vs Fresno St, W
  14. IceBoxGopher

    Minnesota vs Fresno State: Media Predictions

    College Football News Predicting Minnesota 27, Fresno St 23. Fresno State will have turnover problems for the second week in a row. Just when it seems like the Bulldogs will have the Gophers in trouble, the big turnover will come.
  15. IceBoxGopher

    Minnesota Wild fire general manager Paul Fenton

    Fenton is out for the Wild, only one season. Fox 9 Star Tribune Pioneer Press...
  16. IceBoxGopher

    Top 10 Gopher Football Plays of 2018

    Here's mine: 10. Winfield Jr. 76 yard return VS New Mexico State 9. Annexstad to Johnson connection on the sideline vs Fresno State 8. Morgan to Bateman for 67-yard game winner VS Indiana 7. Blake Cashman forced fumble and TD return vs Purdue 6. Morgan toss to Johnson for the first TD VS Georgia...
  17. IceBoxGopher

    When PJ wins, he usually wins big

    So, something I've noticed in two years with Coach Fleck, when the Gophers win it's usually been by a wide margin. Here's the wins while he's been here: vs Buffalo, W 17-7 vs Oregon State, W 48-14 vs Middle Tennessee, W 34-3 vs Illinois, W 24-17 vs Nebraska, W 54-21 vs New Mexico State, W 48-10...
  18. IceBoxGopher

    Your favorite play VS Wisconsin

    Because I can't get over my hype for this game. For me, while I loved the defensive moments, I think my favorite was Bateman's effort on third down in the fourth. He made the catch, had great awareness that he wasn't there yet, and gave a second effort to get the first down. Seeing the freshman...
  19. IceBoxGopher

    Reaching Five Wins

    Just an observational thing I've noticed. Since 2012, the Gophers have won at least five games in a season every year. Including tonight's that's seven consecutive seasons. Looking back at the team's history, that's the first time the Gophers have had at least five wins that many seasons in a...
  20. IceBoxGopher

    Minnesota Club Teams

    They don't play at the highest level, but I follow some of the Minnesota club teams and they seem to have pretty good success in areas. The club hockey team, for example, just swept North Dakota. Here are some of the Twitter accounts to follow and stay up to date on a few under the radar wins...
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