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  1. CurveballJesus

    Media Predictions: Minnesota vs Wisconsin

    Bill C is first on the board with SP+ and he is not a dink! Wisconsin's back-to-back losses against Illinois and Ohio State briefly knocked the Badgers out of Big Ten contention, but Minnesota left the door open with its loss against Iowa. The Gophers could still make a CFP case, though, with a...
  2. CurveballJesus

    Maxx Williams gets extension from AZ Cardinals

    <script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script> Glad to see that MAXXXXX is making the most out of his opportunity in the desert. Bad luck with injuries in Baltimore.
  3. CurveballJesus

    Best/Worse Case Scenarios for CFP by Conference (ESPN)

    The worldwide leader continues to speak out of both sides of their mouth. They have on air personalities like Rece Davis and David Pollack pounding the table MN that they are legit, while other "journalists" like Heather here continue to trash them. There is 0 chance that a 1 loss Big Ten...
  4. CurveballJesus

    Bigger Award: Heisman or Mortell?

    Fun story about the Holder of the Year award.
  5. CurveballJesus

    Gophers in 2020 NFL Mock Drafts

    I couldn't find the old thread, so starting a new one. CBS Sports' Mock Draft has TJ6 a first rounder to New Orleans in their latest edition. Another receiver...
  6. CurveballJesus

    Redshirt countdown tracker

    New players who saw action last night per the participation report ( Keonte Schad Tyler Nubin Brady Weeks Michael Lantz James Gordon Technically St. Juste and Dew-Treadway, but I don't think they are eligible to redshirt so not...
  7. CurveballJesus

    2019 Roster Updated Now updated with summer enrollees on Campus. Thoughts: Anders Gelecinskyj came to party. Guedet got huge fast. Curtis Dunlop is listed at the same weight as last year, but looks thinner in the face to me. Umlor moved to Oline...
  8. CurveballJesus

    Kiper Positional Breakdown for 2020 Draft - 3 Gophers listed ($ Article) Johnson - #5 Senior receiver Coughlin - #5 Senior Outside Linebacker Winfield - #3 Underclassman Safety No additional information given about any of them
  9. CurveballJesus

    Lake Calhoun.....Once Again Regardless of where you stand on which name should be used, the...
  10. CurveballJesus

    Pro Day

    Apparently it's this morning? Any coverage/updates anywhere?
  11. CurveballJesus

    Avenatti arrested again

    Tried to extort Nike. I wonder if they still release the "information" they have on the coaches.
  12. CurveballJesus

    Souhan v Mack; Round 2

    Jim with some less than subtle shots at Chris Mack here. At least he didn't call him Whiny McBaldwimp again Richard Pitino said the Gophers’ first-round game against Louisville wasn’t about him and his father. He was right. It...
  13. CurveballJesus

    TCF Merger - Stadium Name Impact

    With TCF merging (being bought buy) Chemical Bank out of Detroit, I wonder if that will have any down the road impact for TCF Bank Stadium. TCF has naming rights through 2040, so I have to imagine it played some role in the decision to keep the TCF name even though they are moving the HQ to...
  14. CurveballJesus

    Targeting Rule may get tweaked Sounds like common sense to me, I hope we see it implemented sooner rather than later.
  15. CurveballJesus

    McMurphy taking another swing at Urban Meyer

    <script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script>
  16. CurveballJesus

    This should be fun. Reusse interview with Tracy Claeys Would have won 8 games with Seth last year and been better this year
  17. CurveballJesus

    Never Go Full Rube - List ridiculous calls here

    4th down spot TJ “fumble” Illegal hands to the ... close to the face? Technically the right call, but Durr ejected for not defying the laws of physics
  18. CurveballJesus

    Nick Connelly

    Awful news for Nick, who retired due to concussions last year
  19. CurveballJesus

    Jay Bilas Article - Jordan Murphy snippets

    Best rebounder: Jordan Murphy, Minnesota Golden Gophers Murphy is relentless, and it is impossible to keep relentless off the glass. But he is far more than relentless. Murphy has size, great hands and he has a hunger for the ball. Murphy leads the nation in rebounding at over 13 per game, and...
  20. CurveballJesus

    ESPN Preseason Power Rankings

    Top Ten 10. Minnesota Golden Gophers Richard Pitino went from the hot seat to a 5-seed in the NCAA tournament last season, and all five starters are back from that group. Nate Mason and Jordan Murphy lead the way among the veterans, but the arrival of ESPN 100 point guard Isaiah Washington has...
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