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  1. DarrenTheGreek

    Big Ten: East vs West

    We have now had 6 seasons of the current divisional alignment with an even amount of home games for both sides. Here is how the inter-division standings shape up. Yearly series (note: Starting in 2016, East has more home games in even years, West has more home games in odd years) 2014...
  2. DarrenTheGreek

    Skunk fans are always the worst

    To the skunk fans in Section 211 row 30, eat a bag of dicks. -Heckling Casey O'Brien and making fun of his cancer -Cheering each time a Gopher player was injured and calling him a puss -Saying the F word over 250 times during the course of the game -Flipping off all the Gopher fans around...
  3. DarrenTheGreek

    Clearing snow from the stadium

    If we get 10 inches of snow tonight/tomorrow and with the Holiday on Thursday, it really only gives us 1 day to clear snow from the seats. With the students being on break, a readily accessible workforce that will work for cheap is not available. I'm REALLY hoping this isn't an issue and the...
  4. DarrenTheGreek

    Visual resume of all teams that were ranked

    Credit goes to a reddit user for creating this. Every team that was ranked at some point in the season is represented. LOSS Column: red = unranked loss; pink = ranked loss WIN Column; white = ranked win (current rankings...11-25); green =top 10 win (current rankings)
  5. DarrenTheGreek

    Fan Perception Poll: MInnesota is a contender

    FanJuicer conducts a weekly 'perception' poll with over 1000 college football fans. The poll is simple, fans are given a series of groups with 4 teams and asked to rate the best and worst in each grouping. The results are tabulated to see how many groupings teams win or lose. Right now MN is...
  6. DarrenTheGreek

    Playoff contenders: Building the resumes

    I wanted to breakdown the resume of all the 0 and 1 loss power 5 teams and see how I’d rank them. The 11 teams with zero or one loss have a combined 36 victories against teams above .500. 6 wins – LSU 5 wins – Ohio State 4 wins – Oregon, Utah 3 wins – Minnesota, Penn State, Baylor, Georgia 2...
  7. DarrenTheGreek

    Tanner Morgan: Behind the numbers

    Tanner has had 2 games with at least 20 attempts and a 90% completion percentage. The only other player to do that was Jameis Winston. Bravo Tanner.
  8. DarrenTheGreek

    Post Twitter reactions here

    Let's see them
  9. DarrenTheGreek

    I'm ______ and I want YOU to do The Gopher

    Who will it be this week? Let's hear some ideas.
  10. DarrenTheGreek

    10 years at TCF Bank Stadium

    Surprised there hasn't been more of a discussion on this but we just concluded our 10th season at TCF Bank Stadium! It seems like just yesterday that we were all giddy with anticipation of being able to select our seats. Answer the poll question and then post some of your favorite memories...
  11. DarrenTheGreek

    Gopher Baseball 2019

    Now that the fun-filled 2018 is behind us let’s start to look ahead to the 2019 team. Here are some things to discuss and keep an eye on. 1. Schedule – Thanks to the Final Four being played at USB Stadium the stadium is unavailable for baseball for the entire spring. This means no DQ Classic...
  12. DarrenTheGreek

    2014 & 2016 regular season comparison

    Much has been made about how the high water mark of the program since Kill took over was the 2014 season. I agreed with this too until I looked more closely at the results from that season to this. I think people are giving the 2014 team a bit more credit than deserved and 2016 not enough...
  13. DarrenTheGreek

    Mike Riley being sued: Oregon State football culture led woman to being raped
  14. DarrenTheGreek

    Season Renewal: Warning for those downgrading

    I thought this deserved it's own thread since the other renewal thread was mostly just people putting in their status. Like a few others, I'm looking to downgrade tiers since in 3 years I cannot afford the price for the tier that my current seats reside in. When I went into renew it was...
  15. DarrenTheGreek

    NY Times map of college football fans...shows MN needs to close the borders

    The NY Times did an interactive map for college football teams like they did for MLB. The result? Not good for the Gophers. Becky actually "owns" the Twin Cities zip codes with Minnesota only controlling western Minnesota. This MUST change...
  16. DarrenTheGreek

    Poll: 5 years in TCF - How many home games have you attended?

    I'll get it started. I've been to 33/35. Missed 2 non-conference games this year due to my son's football game and an out of town wedding. :mad:
  17. DarrenTheGreek

    SkiUMah Magazine article on Harold Legania Great article about Harold Legania, the hardships he endured and his continued commitment to the University. I remember going to the fall scrimmage his first year on campus and he posed for a picture with my...
  18. DarrenTheGreek

    Helmet Schools

    In another thread someone mentioned that in order to be considered a "helmet school", one must win a national championship. So it got me thinking at what point does a former national champion lose their "helmet school" status. Throwing this out there for discussion purposes. Here are the...
  19. DarrenTheGreek

    FWIW: Sagarin ratings for undefeated FBS teams

    FWIW: Sagarin ratings for undefeated FBS teams - Week 3 30 teams remain undefeated and Minnesota is ranked 29th among them, 68th overall. 1 Alabama A = 103.16 3 0 71.64( 34) 0 0 | 0 0 | 97.11 1 | 105.00 1 2 LSU A = 94.38 3...
  20. DarrenTheGreek

    Temporary bleachers in the endzone

    I apologize if this has been covered before but what was the purpose of the temporary bleachers in the endzone last Saturday? I was surprised that it was only Gopher fans sitting in there. The attendance was still announced at less than 50k so was this group counted in that? Were they alumni...
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