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    Tight ends coach Clay Patterson has a history of coordinating offenses

    What better way to get TE's more involved in the passing game than putting the TE coach in charge of the offense?
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    Offensive Coordinator Hot Board: Candidates to Replace KC

    How about a young, successful (FCS Coach of the 2018 yr) coach already on the Gophers staff and known to PJ and the players? I hereby enter Joe Harasymiak into the race. Most of his position coaching experience is on the D side but he seemed to transition extremely well into an all around role...
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    Who will replace Jim Panagos as Gophers Defensive Line Coach?

    In looking for a DL coach, we don't need a mere replacement, we need an upgrade. Our lack of pass rush from front four has been apparent. However, the poor performance in tackles for loss is maybe even more concerning. As evidence consider the graphic from PitinoFan post #31 from the "Kirk...
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    Gophers sign Australian punter Mark Crawford

    Please help me understand. Last night it looked as if Crawford was the first NLI signer for the Gophers. Today he doesn't show as signee on 247 Commits page. Is he signed, does he get a schollie, or does he walk-on all the way from downunder? He is listed on the "Prospects" page as a "favorite"...
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    “Bloodbath”: Sportsbooks Get Crushed By Minnesota, Oklahoma State

    Someone please explain why "sportsbooks get crushed" with any given result. Individual losing bettors, yes, but thought the odds makers adjusted the spreads so that equal amounts are bet both ways. That way they cannot lose. Are the odds makers ("sportsbooks") taking positions as well as English...
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    Fresno Game Depth Chart Out: Zack, Rodney, Ko to start, Mo at 2-deep

    The great news is that these four players with limps and dings from NMSU game are all back at their positions. Assume this means they are structurally sound and ready to roll. Noticed some position changes at...
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    Official 2020 Gophers Football Recruiting Thread: Links, Tweets, Videos, Rumors

    Note to RB coach Burns: Seth Green could be a good fit at Slot. He could block down on a LB or blow by him and become a real threat. Let some other,bigger TE take the 3 pt stance trench warfare beating.
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