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    WCCO: Interview with Leslie Knight

    And, KMSP Channel 9 did a story on Leslie tonight. I'd expect there to be a link out there on their site by morning.
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    WCCO: Interview with Kelly and family

    Some good news in these difficult times. Congratulations to Kelly & Eric on the new addition. Boy #2!
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    Interesting email from ticket office

    The guy in the ticket office is getting close to a NCAA violation if he/she is dropping "names".
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    Golden Gopher Pod Cast: Lindsay Whalen

    It is worth a listen. You can also access the podcast here:
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    Pitino coming back

    Assuming that we do get a 2020-2021 season, Pitino will be on the hottest of the hot seats for a coaching change. I agree that in the current environment a coaching change would have had very bad optics and would not have played well.
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    Five Gophers win All-Big Ten Honors

    Senior Taiye Bello was a consensus All-Big Ten Second Team selection by the league's coaches and media, while freshman Jasmine Powell was a consensus pick for both All-Big Ten Honorable Mention and the Big Ten All-Freshman Team. Meanwhile, redshirt junior Gadiva Hubbard was an All-Big Ten...
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    Projected Big Ten Tournament bracket

    And, here's the actual bracket:
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    B1G Game 18: Gophers Host Maryland (3-1-20)

    The timing might not be the best.....but I do hope folks will stay to honor our seniors! Other teams have been doing these post game, too. You could tell during the post game show on the radio that Iowa was doing theirs post game on Thursday night.
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    Richard Pitino Era Obituary

    I write really well, but I never could have done as good a job as topos did on this one!
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    As Gophers Struggle, Push To Tear Down Williams Arena Begins (Gaard and Shelman chime in, and agree)

    There have been plans floating around to expand concourses. John Cunningham was talking about those before he went to the AD job at Cincinnati. There will not be a penny of state money coming for anything new sports building at the U.....that's just wishful thinking as there is no sympathy...
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    Projected Big Ten Tournament bracket

    Here's a link to tie breakers for the brackets. Head to head record is the first tie breaker and it goes on from there. Full tourney info can also be reached from that link.
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    Whalen contract extended a year

    And, as we know....there was no "nation wide search" for Borton's replacement. The job was Marlene's from the day Norwood and his buddy Mike Ellis came on board. What was surprising to me was that Tubby Smith got fired first
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    B1G Game 15: Gophers Visit Michigan State (2-17-20)

    Yes, Wednesday is day 1. Seeds 11-14 play that day. #12 plays #13 in first game that afternoon, followed by #11 versus #14. Michigan State and the Gophers both have five wins, but the Spartans have one less loss than us. I've attached the bracket form.
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    B1G Game 15: Gophers Visit Michigan State (2-17-20)

    With both of us at five wins right now, a must win for us if we want to have any chance of avoiding a Wednesday appearance in the Big Ten tourney. After the Spartans, we face Indiana, Iowa and Maryland. Michigan State gets bottom feeders Penn State and Illinois in two of their last four games...
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    B1G Game 16: Gophers Host Indiana (2-22-20)

    Game time has finally been announced today. It will be 5 PM. This is also the Play 4 Kay game, pink t-shirts to first 1,000. Please wear pink to this game.
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    B1G Game 11: Gophers Host Rutgers (2-2-20)

    I believe I've seen her in the concourses at each home game since she entered the transfer portal. Who knows if there is any deeper meaning to her presence. I am assuming she is still going to classes in the semester that started January 21, but have no way to personally confirm that.
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    B1G Game 11: Gophers Host Rutgers (2-2-20)

    Brunson up late from halftime. Sitting for now. Wonder if ill effects from the flagrant foul hit she took earlier...
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    B1G Game 11: Gophers Host Rutgers (2-2-20)

    As a reminder, you can watch today's game on ESPN2. The "big game" doesn't start until 5:30 PM so no need to watch all that pre-game hype from 2 - 4 PM.
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    B1G Game 10: Gophers Host Nebraska (1-30-20)

    Don't forget that the Gopher volleyball team will be honored for their Final Four run at the Nebraska game!
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