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    Big Ten Head Football Salaries

    Couldn’t find this listed anywhere else: Mich. Harbaugh. 7.5. Purdue. Broom. 6.6. Penn. State. Franklin. 5.65 Northwestern. Fitzgerald. 5,1. Nebraska. Frost. 5.0. Iowa. Ferments. 4.8 O State. Day. 4.5. M. State. Dantonio. 4.4. Wisconsin. Chryst. 4.2...
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    Nadine - what’s the deal. Why can’t I post???

    Nadine ——What’s the Deal why can’t I post???
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    Contact the BTN

    Please someone else email the BTN. I have tried and tried, but to no avail. They still list our record as 5 - 7. Absolutely ridiculous. No credit for beating the Badgers.
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