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  1. denguegopher

    ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit would be ‘shocked’ if college football happens this fall

    I am no Michael Osterholm, although we are both Luther College alum. I have however been teaching an Introduction to Epidemiology course since 1994. That does not make me an expert, but I have been reading about diseases since my department chair assigned my that course in '94. Another chair...
  2. denguegopher

    Anyone worried?

    Me either.
  3. denguegopher

    Parts of sports movies that disappointed you

    Thanks Urbandale! A fun read at not a very fun time.
  4. denguegopher

    Minnesota legend Bob Stein’s College Football Hall of Fame Surprise

    Awesome honor! Have never met him, but have heard that he is a heck of a person. Wouldn't Eric Dickerson have been a two time SWC MVP?
  5. denguegopher

    Scottie Hazelton new DC for MSU

    Should be a good hire. A little off topic help. Am I correct? The MIAC school in Collegeville is "St John's" , but the a school in Northfield is "St Olaf."
  6. denguegopher

    No PJ Fleck Interview Sunday Feb 9

    Speaking of aches and pains for older guys, I've been using glucosamine for a few weeks and my aching knees are feeling better. Could well be the placebo effect...
  7. denguegopher

    STrib: New Gophers coordinator Mike Sanford to make $625,000 first year

    Pretty sure that that is more than his dad made at UNLV as head coach several years ago. Let's hope that the son's experience in Dinkytown is more successful than his dad's was at UNLV.
  8. denguegopher

    Colorado Unretiring 3 Numbers After Requests From Recruits

    Thanks, I read this online. Don't believe everything you read on the internet...
  9. denguegopher

    Colorado Unretiring 3 Numbers After Requests From Recruits

    I also agree with Schnauzer. I'm sure that I would be reminded of the greatness of Paul Giel, Sandy Stephens, Bronco Nagurski and Bobby Bell more frequently if I were to see a Gopher player wearing #10, 15, 72, or 78. I've also thought that the New York Yankees will eventually run out of one...
  10. denguegopher

    Smaller Minnesota schools recruiting Las Vegas

    For national signing day Wednesday, Arbor View’s Israel Mann looked every bit the part of someone who was raised in Hawaii. He was dressed in shorts, a floral-patterned shirt and a couple of leis. Mann’s attire probably will look a little different at this time next year. The offensive lineman...
  11. denguegopher

    Smaller Minnesota schools recruiting Las Vegas
  12. denguegopher

    Biden Family Corruption

    Interesting article. I'm not sure that typical kids from Michigan (the study sample) are the same as being the child of a large corporation president, president of the US, or of a US Senator serve as a good comparison group. Interesting that boys whose mothers worked tended to do somewhat...
  13. denguegopher

    No Fleck Interview - Sunday, January 26

    SON, that is the best teaser ever. I went right over to the OT board, c'mon its entertaining:).
  14. denguegopher

    Tanner Morgan is a young Drew Brees

    I agree with this. In my opinion his two passes to Witham were things of beauty. In both cases he had defenders between himself and the receiver. He was cool enough to loft the ball over the defenders with incredible finesse. It is easy for QB's to see the defender located directly between...
  15. denguegopher

    2019 College Football Coach Fired/Hired Thread

    Ogee, I'm sure that you have seen that we ended up with this guy. What do you think?
  16. denguegopher

    2019 College Football Coach Fired/Hired Thread

    Wow! That would be cool. UNLV does have a new football facility and will be playing in the Raider's new stadium next season, but its still an enormous re-build. I also don't see how UNLV could pay him, but who knows??
  17. denguegopher

    Predict Wisconsin v OSU Score

    What happens to our bowl prospects if Wisconsin wins this thing?
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