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    Ed Duren passes away

    Ed Duren, a second team All Big Ten lineman on our last Big Ten championship team in 1967 passed away. I just thought this should be mentioned on Gopher Hole. RIP Ed Duren
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    Zero Year

    If this is zero year could the U give me a discount on my season tickets.
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    November 24, 1962

    Nomellini and others: In one of the most famous Gopher vs. Badgers games ever, late in the game Bobby Bell crashes into Ron Vanderkelen causing the ball to flutter into the air: 1. Name the Gopher linebacker to intercept the ball and his home town. 2. Name the referee that called roughing the...
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    Orange first touchdown

    I apologize if this has been posted already. Syracuse's first touchdown I thought the runner was down on the 1 and then reached the ball across. It would have been 4th and 1 if called that way. Officiating did not cost us the game. The Gophs played poorly and that is why they lost. Did anyone...
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    1962 Badger game

    It's been 51 years but the sting of Bobby Bell's roughing the passer penalty still hurts. I still remember the ref's name, Dr. Robert Jones ( a dentist from Ann Arbor, Michigan). After the call, Warmath was called for 15 more yards for unsportsmanlike conduct and Wisconsin scored to go ahead 14...
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    Gophers Undefeated

    Given the fact that the Gophers have never lost a game in a peanut free environment, will the U ban peanut sales at TCF?
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    Leo and Others: The Gophers defeat Illinois 105-90. The Illini are led by a all-Big Ten point guard who is a first round draft choice of the Baltimore Bullets. He chooses not to play in the NBA but play with the Israel National Team for several years. Can you name him? Bonus question: the...
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    Leo and others: The Gophs lose to Purdue 111-110 in triple overtime. Tony Dungy gets playing time because of Goph's depleted roster. The Boilers are led by a freshman guard (I think he had about 39 points). He would transfer to another school and become an All-American. Can you name him?
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    THIS DAY IN GOPHER HISTORY-December 19, 1964

    Apologies to Nomilleni-hope I'm not intruding on your category but thought this might be a good question. The Gophs defeat Utah State 88 to 69. The Aggies are led by a 6'6" All-American forward who would die in a tragic and bizarre accident 2 months later. Can you name him? Also, a member of...
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    Leo: I don't know if you have asked this question in the past. November 17, 1984 the Gophers defeat Iowa 23-17 on a last minute touchdown from a freshman from Iowa. Can you name him?
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    Jerry Kill's e-mail

    Can anyone give me Jerry Kill's e-mail address.
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