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    Other Bowl Games Thread - 2019 College Bowl Season Edition

    Why wasn't there a penalty for the Clemson player spiking the ball after the TD?
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    Who do you have as your Gameday guest picker?

    Sid Hartman. The Gophers biggest cheerleader. He built the boat.
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    Turkey of the Year: Patrick Reusse?

    I look forward to this article every year- it's the beginning of my Thanksgiving day. I realize, of course, I'll be labeled a Badger fan & Iowa lover for even liking a Patrick Reusse article. So be it. Last year PJ was the TOTY for poor attendance. The 2018 avg was 37,915. The avg this year...
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    Don't want to step on the Gopher Weather Guy's thread for next weekend, so I'll post here. The Weather Channel app says 3-5 inches durning the day next Saturday and 1-3 at night. That would be awesome!
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    2 UNH tickets for $25- sec. 243 (chairs not benches)

    I was able to make the Vegas game, but unavailable this weekend. 2 tickets in section 243 for $25 total ($12.50 per ticket). PM if interested.
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    Free tickets

    We have 5 tickets going unused. Sitting at Blarnys. Txt me if u need one. 612.327.5441. I'll be here until 2:20pm
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    2 Wisconsin Tixs (sec 243) for sale or trade

    Two tickets in Sec 243, row 17 (chair backs) for sale. FV at $70 per ticket. Or, I'd trade them for hockey tickets.
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    Need 1 NMSU: help a brother out

    My wife decided this would be a good time to bring our three girls. Problem is we only have four season tickets. Ticket office said anyone two and over needs a ticket- my youngest is three. Please send me a note if you need to dump one. Not at all interested in paying FV for this ticket.
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    Thanksgiving Weekend: MSU our new rival?

    Teams that play each other on Thanksgiving weekend ('11 & '12): Indiana - Purdue OSU - Michigan Nebraska - Iowa PSU - Wisconsin Minnesota, MSU, Illinois & NW rotate with each other. In '12 Illinois and NW play. Let's assume the NW-IL game remains the same moving forward. That means Michigan...
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    Running Game

    The longest run this season is 29 yards. Only four runs over 20 yards.
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    Help: Need to fill Rental Unit at the U

    In 6 years I've never had to advertise this house. My luck ran out with this current group of seniors. I have a 4 bed/2 bath home near 19th & Como. It's a 1 1/2 story home built in the 50s- it's in decent shape. Laundry is free and there's off street parking. This is a quiet block and I'm...
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