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  1. GopherPoke

    NCAA Tourney

    Caesars Sportsbook currently has the Gophers at +10000 to win the whole thing this year. Exact same odds as the Badgers.
  2. GopherPoke

    Pitino era is over, start the search now.

    I'm a fairly new Gopher fan, and a Wyoming grad/fan. I know you don't base hires off one game, but Medved and CSU lost last night to a Wyoming team that might have the least talent in program history and quite possibly the worst coach in D1. I don't know much about the guy, but this has to...
  3. GopherPoke

    Jay Sawvel Hired as Wyoming Defensive Coordinator

    When you look up "dumpster fire", you find Wyoming Football When Bohl Took Over. Or, Wyoming Basketball Now. Wyoming has a couple entries, unfortunately. Bohl has done pretty good for UW.
  4. GopherPoke

    CB Kiondre Thomas Enters Transfer Portal

    PitinoFan, where are you hearing this? I'm a Wyoming guy and haven't heard/seen anything about Sawvel. Wyoming lost a lot of its D staff and a commit or two to Washington State. Big10 transfer wouldn't hurt. Thanks.
  5. GopherPoke

    ESPN: Grand Valley State suspends OC Morris Berger for wanting meal with Adolf Hitler

    Do any of you ever think what a night out to dinner with all Gopherhole regular posters would be like? I think it would be absolutely hilarious. I am not sure if I'd like everyone beyond belief, or hate them to the core. Threads like these are just amazing. Anyway, hope you all have a good...
  6. GopherPoke

    Offseason Hot Take

    Heating coils will be extended into the stadium seating area. Or have they already done this?
  7. GopherPoke

    Odds that Oturu will be a Junior next year

    That was a fun performance to watch!
  8. GopherPoke

    Odds that Oturu will be a Junior next year

    I really like Oturu. Having said that, I think he needs to improve his scoring ability when on the block with his back to the basket. When guarded tough down low, too many times he doesn't get a good shot off. Last night he spun quick and knocked one down off the glass, and that was the best...
  9. GopherPoke

    Reusse Trolling PJ Again

    Me, reading this thread,
  10. GopherPoke

    please choose an avatar

    I cover all my jeans holes with this patch.
  11. GopherPoke

    Official College Game Day Sign Ideas Thread

    As intended, and I'm guessing you don't live in ND.
  12. GopherPoke

    Official College Game Day Sign Ideas Thread

    Real North Dakotan's are Gopher Fans, Not JV Team Fans.
  13. GopherPoke

    Gophers using heating coils for games?

    I was thinking that maybe they could reuse the coils that were removed from TCF (if they still have them) to warm the grass in Northrop Mall for Gameday. It's going to be chilly, and that extra warmth would be appreciated.
  14. GopherPoke

    Fake Kneel

    Interested in how people feel about the fake kneel executed last night during the Tulane game. I'm not against the play, but I'm wondering how these plays should affect how coaches game plan against them. In these instances, you almost always see both lines basically pop up and barely touch...
  15. GopherPoke

    State Patrol protection?

    Just watched FSU coach WT on his team walk to the stadium on ESPN. He had one officer on each side of him. For years we have seen many college coaches with state patrol officers on their hip while they come on and off the field. I have always thought this was comical, but am I missing...
  16. GopherPoke


    Hello all, newby here and I am looking for some info on tailgating. We have been to a few games and have trekked through the tailgates a tiny bit. I'm wondering where the best place is for us when we walk from off campus, and are looking for a good beverage. Is there a beer garden, etc...
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