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  1. GophersInIowa

    A timeline of Zachary Evans' all-time crazy recruitment
  2. GophersInIowa

    Man Cave

    So one of my next projects is to turn our basement into my man cave. The finished part is not very big so I won't be able to go too crazy with it. Anyone have photos of their man cave they're willing to share? Anyone paint their walls maroon and gold?
  3. GophersInIowa

    Who gets the #1 ranking in the CFP?

    It'll be a hot topic today as everything gets sorted out. The #1 team would probably get Oklahoma which could be a big advantage.
  4. GophersInIowa

    Chris Orr says MN disrespected the axe

    This is all a lie. Is the “seniors only chop down the goalposts” even a thing? That’s just something they came up with.
  5. GophersInIowa

    HS team forfeits season after using suspended player with fake name

    Crazy. Mods feel free to move to off topic if you wish.
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    Rent a car for a long roadtrip?

    About two years ago we went on a long roadtrip and had all kinds of issues with one of our cars on the way back. It was a nightmare. We ended up having to rent a car to get home, then had to rent another car to go back and get it about a week later. We're looking to go on another long roadtrip...
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    Fans can't get into arena for start of game Thursday in Hartford

    On Thursday, the first and second sessions were scheduled so close to each other than many Villanova and Saint Mary's fans missed almost the entire first half. I would be pissed if I were one of those fans.
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    Gopherhole Tourney Pick'em

    I think this is always more fun to do this with a group of people so I started a Gopherhole Tourney Pick'em group through yahoo. Just click the link and enter the password. Password: gogophers
  9. GophersInIowa

    Expanding the Tourney?

    From time to time I see people advocating for the tourney to be expanded. What are everyone else's thoughts? If you did expand it, how would you do it?
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    Anyone into it? Anyone really understand it? I hear people talking about it from time to time but don't really get it.
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    Marquette’s Howard scores 25 in a row

    Markus Howard was unstoppable for Marquette tonight in their win over a very good Buffalo team. He scored 40 in the 2nd half including 25 in row. It was an amazing performance.
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    Gopherhole Bowl Pick’em Group

    I created a group through ESPN. For some reason yahoo isn’t doing a bowl pick’em. Games start Saturday. Pick who you think will win and then rank them by confidence. Group name: Gopherhole1 Password: Gopherhole1...
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    Pitino Blog: Recapping the Road Trips
  14. GophersInIowa

    2020 DE Aaron Witt commits!

    Minnesota kid
  15. GophersInIowa

    Nebraska players think the Gophers ran up the score last year

    The reality is we attempted 5 passes in the 2nd half and none after 3:30 in the 3rd quarter. Apparently the RBs should have fallen down.
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    And we thought some of our past coaching searches were bad

    Bowling Green fired their coach today. Article is referencing when Jinks was hired in 2015.
  17. GophersInIowa

    Hurrican Michael

    I feel like this hurricane didn't receive that much coverage leading up to landfall. Maybe due to it intensifying so quick? Came in as a strong cat 4 and was the strongest to hit the US since Andrew in 1992.
  18. GophersInIowa

    Claeys’ sister still trolls Gophers Facebook page

    I see her post there every once in awhile, including this one tonight. It’s been almost 2 years, give it a rest. It’s also ironic that we lost to NMSU when Claeys was d-coordinator.
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