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  1. norman dale

    Has anyone partaken in or witnessed the new "premium tailgating" options this year?

    Has anyone partaken in or witnessed the new "premium tailgating" options this year? Back in early August Gopher Athletics announced it was rollilng out a customized tailgating option for fans. Here's the press release...
  2. norman dale

    What's the "weirdest" thing you've witness a co-worker do AT work?

    Bored at work here currently and I just witnessed something rather odd. A co-worker who is baseline "goofy" and rather uncouth regarding social etiquette was just back in our break room where he was fixing his bachelor supper thus: An open bag of spicy hot Doritos with about 30 intact chips...
  3. norman dale

    new QB recruit? She's a 5* though already playing in college

    Seriously though, this gal has to be the most athletic female not playing a college sport. Those moves are are no different than Johnny Manziel or Vince Young in their prime.
  4. norman dale

    Succinct comparison of Big 10 season ticket prices for 2015 Taking our 2015 prices into comparison Minnesota is right in the middle of the Big 10 for football season tickets.
  5. norman dale

    Offer up a non-Gopher related Big 10 football prediction

    A month ago I had started a thread throwing out a single prediction involving the Gophers for the 2015 season. Now that spring football is over...
  6. norman dale

    Early line has TCU favored by 20 Um..... no. Not this year. This will be closer to -13 come September 3rd.
  7. norman dale

    Offer up a single prediction for the upcoming 2015 football season.

    Kirk Herbstreit and Chris Fowler's jobs will require them to attend a Gopher football game on October 31, 2015.
  8. norman dale

    Our favorite villain back in the Big 10?

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  9. norman dale

    Honey, I'm a little busy on September 3, 2016.

    What a slate of games scheduled to start the 2016 season! Auburn and Clemson just announced today that they will play in the season opener. Other games of prominence include Alabama-USC, LSU-Wisconsin, UCLA-Texas A&M and Notre Dame-Texas. Best part for us Gopher fans is that our game will be...
  10. norman dale

    James Franklin disappointed in Vandy's season ticket sales Why I think this is interesting and pertinent to this message board is his quotes echo a lot of the reasons people have brought up before as to why the Gophers season...
  11. norman dale

    So they Vikings (who seem to listen to their fanbase) are requesting more tailgating

    Viking executives listening to their fanbase and requesting that the City of Minneapolis to expand the area where tailgating is allowed in downtown. Hmmm..... I wonder if the Vikings used the Carlson School of Management to develop and administer the survery? Is there is any chance the...
  12. norman dale

    Let's change it up. What's your most embarrasing moment involving Gopher football?

    No you can just write being a Gopher football fan is embarrasing in and of itself. Mine probably occured in West Lafayette in 2002. At the time it was my third time embarking upon the worst road trip locale in the Big Ten so I knew the lay of the land pretty well. The game was slated for a...
  13. norman dale

    Will the 9/7/13 game at New Mexico State be picked up by TV?

    More baffling than the decision to cough up $800K to get out of the North Carolina series was the U's agreement to play a game at New Mexico State for this coming season. How could the financials not be in our favor to host this game? This game will be destined to be broadcast online via...
  14. norman dale

    Will the City of Mpls lift restrictions around the U on gamedays?

    Looks like the City of Mpls is trying to be more fan friendly and create a more festive atmosphere for the Vikings. Will the University try to capitalize? Are food vendors and trucks in the future? Would the city dare allow the University to close down streets around the stadium...
  15. norman dale

    James Franklin must think Jerry Kill is one of the great college football recruiters I think Coach Kill eluded to it during his introductory news conference in self-deprecating fashion that he probably outkicked his punt coverage with his wife.
  16. norman dale

    If the Vikes stay it looks like they'll need to play in TCF Bank Stadium "The governor spoke to Mr. Zygi Wilf this afternoon and told him that if we are going to get a stadium bill passed his year, it will have to be at the Metrodome site,” the governor’s spokeswoman Katharine Tinucci said. She said the Wilfs...
  17. norman dale

    He had me at "sumbitch"

    Finally purchased airfare for the USC. Had been on the fence for a long time due to various reasons but eventually the lure watching a game at the fabled LA Coliseum / USC football / Song Girls / Road Trip were too much to pass up. Ever since this matchup was announced I knew I wanted to be...
  18. norman dale

    Intersting concept: FBS Schools In NFL Markets: TCU & SMU

    This is the second in a weeklong series examining the unique circumstances faced by FBS programs that reside in metropolitan markets alongside an NFL franchise. Appropos topic to our program. Let's hope Jerry Kill let his boss know how his good friend Gary Patterson's AD handles his football...
  19. norman dale

    What advice would you give the Kills?

    Buy your new home close to campus. You'll be driving that route a lot. I would imagine rush hour in DeKalb isn't quite what it can be in the Twin Cities. I don't want to hear any Dan Monson-like whining that the drive in from Eden Prairie interfered with doing your job. I can't imagine JK...
  20. norman dale

    Colorado announces its coach: An NFL tight ends coach

    who is was coaching under Mike Shanahan. You can't make it up. Tremendous hire Colorado! Not. I wonder where Shanahan can find a tight ends coach to replace Embree?
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