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  1. Gopherholefan

    Transfer list possibilities, Spring 2020

    I don’t know much about Murphy from Pitt, but I watched their game against FSU (Pitt won) and Murphy was awesome. Shot the ball really well. Also, the last time we had a Murphy on the team and the last time we had a transfer from Pitt, both of those worked out pretty well for us... 😉
  2. Gopherholefan

    Gopher Softball 2020

    Relatively low. Good article in the strib today about this and the baseball team. Talks about the kids having to pay most of their way through college as the spring sports usually offer partial or no scholarship money. Do the kids want to come back and go further into debt (potentially)? It’s a...
  3. Gopherholefan

    High school state tourney cancelled.

    Not the first time I’ve seen some proposed idea say “test the players ahead of time” and maybe the coaches and officials. Who’s gonna do these tests? With what tests? Isn’t that the main problem with our health care system right now is that they can only test people who were overseas due to the...
  4. Gopherholefan

    Big Ten Tournament cancelled

    Well obviously. Point is that they are playing this morning and nobody else is while they are the closest to the outbreak playing in MSG
  5. Gopherholefan

    Big Ten Tournament cancelled

    Very interesting that the only conference that looks like it is going to play today (Big East) is in NYC and the closest of any of the conference sites to the biggest outbreak of the COVID-19
  6. Gopherholefan

    STrib: How about a 64-team basketball bracket for Minnesota's big schools?

    Since a lot of the posts here are about travel for the 1 team from Duluth, let’s take a look at East’s REGULAR SEASON non-conference schedule they made for themselves: @Blaine @St.Francis @Osseo @Buffalo @Brainerd 3day holiday tourney in Hibbing Lets not believe the travel issue excuse. East...
  7. Gopherholefan

    Blind Resume

    B/D C-Had enough chances against the big boys and are 1-9 A-Is very close to making it, the Wins just aren’t as good as B/D wins are. (It’s close though)
  8. Gopherholefan

    All Things 2019-2020 Other College Basketball Games Thread

    Texas loses by 29 to Iowa St. (who is without Halliburton) You have to assume Shaka is not making it to next year. Could Sims see the glaring hole we have at our 4/5 positions (especially if oturu leaves) and come home?
  9. Gopherholefan

    Gopher Baseball 2020

    Gophs are going straight 9 today? No DH. Thoreson a good hitter?
  10. Gopherholefan

    All Things 2019-2020 Other College Basketball Games Thread

    Vitale is announcing the Purdue/IU game. They were going thru the upcoming IU schedule and Vitale said Minnesota is a good team. They also have good player Okoro hahaha
  11. Gopherholefan

    Kobe King transfer rumors?

    Looks like he’s “not happy with the direction of the team”
  12. Gopherholefan

    To Feel Safe & Comfy Heading To Big Ten Tournament

    The Athletic has a new bracket out this morning. 12 teams from the BT in the bracket. None in the last 4 in even. Minn and Indiana were both in the last 4 byes.
  13. Gopherholefan


    No. Mostly a 1/2 court team
  14. Gopherholefan


    Yes. I like the musselman video posted earlier. I totally agree with having 3-4 scholarships tied up in guys that ride the bench/ineligible/redshirt. Next year, this could be us if our 7 rotation comes back plus add in Mashburn, Walton (hopefully!!), and Mitchell (possible redshirt?)
  15. Gopherholefan


    Did Bennetti say in the first half that Eric Curry retired from playing? Did I miss something?
  16. Gopherholefan

    Week 13 Other Games Thread

    Did the Badger fans forget there is a game today?? A ton of empty seats there
  17. Gopherholefan

    11AM Next Saturday at NW

    According to the gopher football website, the game next Saturday is an 11AM game. Time to put the Iowa game in the past
  18. Gopherholefan

    Iowa fans rushing on the field

    Is weird to see against us. I understand that they rushed the field because of our ranking, but it actually makes me feel a little better about the loss. A weird feeling to see the opposing fans rushing the field after beating us.
  19. Gopherholefan

    Mohegan Sun in 2020

    Hall of Fame tip-off at the Mohegan Sun With UCF, Marquette, and Rhode Island per Rothstein
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