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  1. norman dale

    Journal Sentinel: Where were you for the Badgers Miracle in the Metrodome in 2005?

    As the crow flies....about 150 feet from Kucek. Gut. Punch.
  2. norman dale

    What are your top 5 things you miss from your days on campus?

    1) $ 0.25 Tap night at Big 10 on summer nights 2) Going out to Sally's for lunch with classmates and not returning to afternoon classes 3) scenery on Thursday night Ladies Night at Sally's 4) Grandma's Saloon on Friday nights 5) Being in the Williams Arena student section during Big 10 games
  3. norman dale

    Gopher Bowl projection

    How about PSU losing to Ohio State in a close game this weekend and the Gophers beat Wisconsin but then get drubbed in the Big 10 championship game by OSUO by a score of.... oh let's say 59-0 for instance. I could see PSU jumping back ahead of the Gophers in the final playoff ranking under that...
  4. norman dale

    Has anyone partaken in or witnessed the new "premium tailgating" options this year?

    Has anyone partaken in or witnessed the new "premium tailgating" options this year? Back in early August Gopher Athletics announced it was rollilng out a customized tailgating option for fans. Here's the press release...
  5. norman dale

    What's the "weirdest" thing you've witness a co-worker do AT work?

    Bored at work here currently and I just witnessed something rather odd. A co-worker who is baseline "goofy" and rather uncouth regarding social etiquette was just back in our break room where he was fixing his bachelor supper thus: An open bag of spicy hot Doritos with about 30 intact chips...
  6. norman dale

    Broken Functions

  7. norman dale

    new QB recruit? She's a 5* though already playing in college

    Seriously though, this gal has to be the most athletic female not playing a college sport. Those moves are are no different than Johnny Manziel or Vince Young in their prime.
  8. norman dale

    Succinct comparison of Big 10 season ticket prices for 2015 Taking our 2015 prices into comparison Minnesota is right in the middle of the Big 10 for football season tickets.
  9. norman dale

    ESPN College Gameday predicted to come to Minnesota

    Isn't this old news?
  10. norman dale

    Offer up a non-Gopher related Big 10 football prediction

    A month ago I had started a thread throwing out a single prediction involving the Gophers for the 2015 season. Now that spring football is over...
  11. norman dale

    What's your Halloween costume going to be for prime time?

    Someone has to go as X Men's Wolverine, right?
  12. norman dale

    Early line has TCU favored by 20 Um..... no. Not this year. This will be closer to -13 come September 3rd.
  13. norman dale

    Offer up a single prediction for the upcoming 2015 football season.

    Kirk Herbstreit and Chris Fowler's jobs will require them to attend a Gopher football game on October 31, 2015.
  14. norman dale

    Will the Gophers be in the top 3 for fan support at the bowl games?

    Sorry Ruppy, haven't had season tickets in hoops since 1999 but have had season tickets in football since 1998 but thanks for trying to psychoanalyze me over an online message board. Maybe spend eight-tenths of a second and use the search engine on this board to see where a majority of my...
  15. norman dale

    Our favorite villain back in the Big 10?

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  16. norman dale

    Honey, I'm a little busy on September 3, 2016.

    What a slate of games scheduled to start the 2016 season! Auburn and Clemson just announced today that they will play in the season opener. Other games of prominence include Alabama-USC, LSU-Wisconsin, UCLA-Texas A&M and Notre Dame-Texas. Best part for us Gopher fans is that our game will be...
  17. norman dale

    Prospect North - 4th St becoming green boulevard

    Here is a link to a story with more background on the proposal
  18. norman dale

    TCF Bank Stadium Modifications to Begin This Week

    Just because the "Honeycrisp(™)" apple tree was developed and patented by the University of Minnesota doesn't mean it's a good idea to plant them around TCF Bank Stadium. First of all they only get about 12 feet tall and 8 feet wide at maturity with a fairly low canopy. Most people couldn't...
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