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  1. Donovan

    For any Depeche Mode fans...

    This movie is playing at the AMC EP Mall Sunday night at 7:00:
  2. Donovan

    a Poll on the odds PJ Fleck will be couching here fall of 2021

    Personally I'm saying 90%. I'm banking on my intuition that tells me he's a midwest guy, he likes the Twin Cities, loves living in a nice house on Lake Minnetonka during the summer, likes coaching a team in the B1G West division, doesn't want to restart a rebuild again so soon, and lastly wants...
  3. Donovan

    The next Enron?

    General Electric:
  4. Donovan

    Rick Singer, of college admissions bribery fame, was employed at IMG Academy

    A WSJ subscription is probably required to read this. He was employed between 2003-2009. However, one of his key hires was Mark Riddell who was employed through this year (and stayed connected with Singer). Riddell plead guilty this April to accepting over $200,000 for cheating on SAT and ACT...
  5. Donovan

    Does this represent the “off topic” board on occasion?

    Sorry if this has been posted previously, just came across it on Twitter tonight and cracked me up: By the way, can you imbed a tweet similar to a YouTube link? * Language warning if you’re at work *
  6. Donovan

    Scott Adams class on internet trolling

    I found this pretty entertaining:
  7. Donovan

    What could kill 80-90% of the U.S. population? EMP

    Yes, this was on FoxNews, but it's pretty apolitical. The solution is simple and needs to be completed:
  8. Donovan

    Minority Report style thought police

    Cathy Areu has some wonderful ideas on getting tough with sexist men. Curious how many progressives on here agree with her.
  9. Donovan

    sadly, another evil creep outed
  10. Donovan

    Political Correctness hits a new low

    Last week, I though this one was a real doozy. However, the link below the video tops this one: This is just depressing for the state of the world:
  11. Donovan

    Dan Patrick Show this week

    I'd recommend setting your DVR to record this show (his radio show is simulcast every day). They should have good local guests (I think PJ Fleck will be one) and they do fun local stuff (they announced a polar plunge for Tuesday). They are doing it from a roof near the Guthrie (guessing it will...
  12. Donovan

    article for fellow Depeche Mode fans

    This was pretty interesting: For fellow fans, this guy does amazing remixes: Here is one example:
  13. Donovan

    Kansas freshman Billy Preston suspened

    This could get interesting. I heard the car he was driving was a Ferrari:
  14. Donovan

    Race relations, thoughts on this NYT opinion piece

    Personally, I think we're moving away from the dreams of MLK. Which is a real shame. Sounds like a lot of progressives online agree with the piece below. I hope some on the left on this site have issues with this professor's views...
  15. Donovan

    Minneapolis race for mayor

    I live in Bloomington, but work downtown Mpls, so, I do have an interest in who wins this. I also really do think it's a pretty cool city and want it to thrive. Not surprisingly, no realistic Republican in the race, who's the least leftist candidate? From what I've read, it sounds like Tom Hoch...
  16. Donovan

    Saudi princes arrested

    This is a pretty incredible story. Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal has been on TV business shows as a guest many times. He's one of those locked up in a Ritz Carlton hotel room. There is also...
  17. Donovan

    if you know any kids that suffer from anxiety, you need to read this

    I have a niece with a real issue with this, and until reading this, did not realize what a problem this is with kids today. My guess social media is a big driver with this:
  18. Donovan

    How about a positive story

    If you missed 60 Minutes tonight, great story on a 12-year old music prodigy: FYI, the video didn't play on my Brave browser, but did on Safari.
  19. Donovan

    Fox Sports 1 show called "Speak for Yourself"

    Anybody watch this show? I just started watching yesterday, and like it. Kind of like PTI, but a bit more substantive. Looks like they repeat the show at 9:30 pm. Today, Jason Whitlock and Greg Jennings had a good debate on the Kaepernick/anthem issue. I'd recommend watching or recording it at...
  20. Donovan

    FBI business we can all agree on (at least I hope so)

    These sickos need to go to prison for many years. I wish there were more stings like this:
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