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    Marcus Carr vs McKinley Wright

    Since we spent so much time comparing IW vs Wright, watching the Colorado/Zona game and thought this would be interesting: Carr - 16.5 pts/7.3 ast/5.3 reb/0.9 stl/3.0 TOs/75.7 FT%/32.1 3% Wright - 13.4 pts/5.0 ast/5.4 reb/1.2 stl/2.8 TOs/73.5 FT%/34.8 3% Who ya got? Pretty comparable, but...
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    Senior Class + Winfield!!

    I know they are not all the same class but the leaders on this team were simply unbelievable! From where they started til now, WOW. Will forever love these players... TJ Carter Winfield Rodney Winston Kamal Barber Williamson Brooks Devers Berbers Im sure I missed someone, but THANK YOU for...
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    Willis Doubtful vs Ok State Tomorrow "He's very, very doubtful to play for tomorrow," Pitino said. "He needs to get that ankle right. I think rest will help him. He gutted it out first half last game. Obviously, that was a major...
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    Nate Mason G League Stats

    I see that Nate is getting some good run with Texas in the G League. Looks like he has started 8 games out of 13 and is averaging 14.6 pts and 7.1 assts/game. That's real solid. If Nate can keep it up, maybe he will get called up for some bench time this year with Dallas...
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    Gophers-PSU on Front Page Right Now Connelly with a solid and fair write-up. Predicts a close game and only gives PSU a 55% win probability. I will take a 45% chance at a win!
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    How Twisted and Out of Touch Are Some PSU Fans??

    No, this is not about how over-confident their fans appear to be heading into Saturday. It's clear - due to our schedule and heavy run lean in the offense the past 4 games - they have no respect for the Gophers. This is much more twisted. Perusing the Blue & White Illustrated site, I found a...
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    F--k It! This Is Too Big To Miss!

    Was just gonna wait for my trip back for the Wiscy game, but this PSU game just too huge to not experience in person! My buddy is flying in from San Diego and buying 3. I just found a $90 r/t from Denver and am buying 3 too. Its like a magnetic pull back to the motherland! Lezzzzgo!
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    O'Brien named Big Ten Special Teams Player of the Week!
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    Maryland game set for 2:30pm Kick

    Looks like it will be on ABC/ESPN/ESPN2, depending how both teams fare this weekend.
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    I'm Freaking Dying Here, Maaan

    Anybody else having the longest week ever?! In anticipation of this game with Nebraska and my trip back home for it, I've hit refresh on this board so many times this week that I feel like I might need to go to one of those "screen time addiction retreats" that Lisa Ling featured on "This Is...
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    Sick Hype Video Reminding Everyone What We Got Cooking in 2019!

    Really like what they did with this! Hard not to be hyped for tomorrow and the rest of the season! Lezzzzgo! <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture"...
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    How are ticket sales looking for the Illinois game?

    Anybody have any info or heard anything? I know this game is cheaper than Nebraska, Penn St and Wiscy and its Homecoming, so I'd think it should be a good turnout. Butts in the seats? My guess is 45,000+.
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    Final 7 Games

    @Nebraska Indiana Michigan @Northwestern @Rutgers Purdue @Maryland We need 4 of these. Other than today, we've been playing hard and in every game since the Illinois debacle. I think we will be dialed back in on Wednesday. But really, asking us to beat a couple lower teams on the road and take...
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    If You'd Have Told Me That....

    We'd be 2-2 at this point in the Big 10 schedule, the realist in me would have agreed and taken it. Obviously I would have liked to see us capitalize on Maryland at home tonight (and the lead we had), but you can't beat a good team shooting atrociously at the FT line. But anybody that says they...
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    Badgers Lose at 6-6 Western Kentucky

    Good sign or bad sign for our game against them next week? I'd say they've definitely shown some weaknesses. Discuss.
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    Perspective on Minnesota Sports Over Last 8 Days

    If you told me that over the course of a week I could see... Gophers hoops go 3-0 in Vancouver (including a last-second win over Washington) Gopher football beat Wisconsin (especially in Madison) for the first time since 2003 The Vikes pick up a crucial win against the Packers (likely making...
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    What does our starting OL and DL look like next year?

    Thinking Dunlap, Faalele, Andries, Dickson and Olson (not in any order) for the OL. Otomewo, OJ Smith, Teague or Schad (if he sticks with us), Coughlin (or if he moves back to LB) Reigelsberger. Thoughts?
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    Has Anyone Heard Anything RE: Our 2019 Early Season Tourney?

    Curious if anybody has heard anything about which tourney we will be in next season? I feel like lots of teams have already had this announced, but I checked this link and nothing is listed...
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    Berkley Edwards Grad Transfers to Michigan for 6th Year of Eligibility
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    UW-Milwaukee Grad Transfer Brock Stull Commits!!

    Had to start a new thread due to the pissing match in the 2018 recruiting thread. Confirmed on Twitter by Fuller and Ryan James. Fuller - "#Gophers struck gold in the grad transfer market today by landing former UW Milwaukee guard @Brock_Stull, per source. Stull averaged 13 ppg last season...
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