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  1. gopher7

    All things good dogs

    My favorite thing about our dog is whenever someone yells out in distress (like if you stub your toe), she immediately comes over to you, lays down and puts her chin on whichever body part she can reach. Nobody taught her this, it's just built-in unconditional empathy.
  2. gopher7

    Minnesota at #18 in NCAA 2020 Preseason Rankings

    If we were #10 this year, I would say 15-18 sound about right to start next year. I think the offense could be even better, but the defense loses a lot and special teams still need to prove themselves.
  3. gopher7

    Winfield Jr. Media Excitement

    Every time I see that INT he had against Fresno St, it's like I'm watching it for the first time. Amazing.
  4. gopher7

    STrib: National prep basketball tournament off-limits for star-studded Minnesota teams

    Exactly my thoughts. If the high school league is saying No to this because they don't want to promote the current practice of high school teams basically turning into AAU teams, then I'm all for their decision. Minnesota talent can be promoted in summer leagues.
  5. gopher7


    "Sota" has been copyrighted by the cheer team.
  6. gopher7

    Tyler Johnson has raised his draft stock today!

    I'm going to miss the guy. He has been SO good the last two years. Proud of him for sticking around and being on track to graduate, and for making himself into a role model for other kids from Minneapolis.
  7. gopher7

    AP All-Americans

    The first 7th year sophomore in program history.
  8. gopher7

    oops -- wrong forum

    In 10 years there have been 5 different Gopher football coaches, but only one wrong forum.
  9. gopher7


    Man we are getting BADLY out coached. Wisconsin is going for the throat, and we are shitting our pants.
  10. gopher7

    College Game Day “in-game” Thread

    I'm not a loyal watcher of gameday but I can't imagine anything being more scenic. The mall, buildings, snow, crowd, just fantastic.
  11. gopher7

    Rose, Orange, Fiesta Bowl scouts here on Saturday?

    On this new platform, copy the link to the Tweet rather than embedding it and it will work.
  12. gopher7

    oops -- wrong forum

    This thread had its heating coils removed. Or has it???? ❄
  13. gopher7


    Agree. I've always wondered why we couldn't find an elite QB... even if it was by accident. Here is a list of some teams who have had QBs drafted since 2010. Not sure if Morgan will get drafted, but he at least has proven himself a great college player...
  14. gopher7

    2021 - 4 star ATH Justice Sullivan gives verbal to Iowa

    Losing instate players suddenly does not bother me like it used to.
  15. gopher7

    Last 8 game winning streak?

    If we win Saturday we will have an 8 game winning streak for the first time since 1948-49 I believe. Can anyone find one since then?
  16. gopher7

    2020 Recruiting

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