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    World Cup Qualifications

    Nice game by the squad last night. I thought they moved the ball on the right side really well. Demsey was pissy by getting pulled early.
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    Official Season Tickets Thread

    Are you renewing, dropping, or buying in again?
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    Thanks Trump

    USA loses to Mexico :(.
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    I watched. Nice goal at the end, and I still get nervous with Bradly's defense playing 6, but I like the way he starts things from that spot.
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    Anybody play the overwatch beta? I'm a bit of a blizz fanboi so I was rocking it out as much as I could over the weekend.
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    World Cup Qualifier

    Jesus just died again watching the US play soccer. *madface*
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    Race Baiting 101

    CRG, have you seen this yet?
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    All things living Churches Just when I complain that churches are dying , I get corrected.
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    Dear Hockey Fan

    I'm sorry I'm not talking about the Gold cup. I will be watching tonight. I hope it doesn't hurt your feelings or make you feel less about your sport because I didn't post a thread to talk about my thoughts about the game. #sarcastic_snarky_Monk
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    For those who travel ....

    ... and have kids ... ... and haven't passed 4th grade.
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    Wisconsin Misspell Picture

    Anybody have a link to the picture of the wiscy students who misspelled their sign across the windows in a building?
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    Oatmeal does it again #NetNeutrality
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    Opinion article on Texas Education

    I'm not a big fan of No Child Left Behind. So of course these opinion articles sing to what I want to hear. Tikited, have you seen this stuff by Stroup? The research looks interesting. Cloud computing + education...
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    Ann Coulter's opinion on soccer

    This is floating around my feed from my soccer friends. I'd say this is the greatest troll blog post in recent memory. Then I remember who she works for and I believe this represents southern mentality :(.
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    Control - Big Sean

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    Icey, how did you miss <div><object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="" id="player" height="365" width="650" ><param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always" /><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true" /><param...
  17. M new partner
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    geek week

    put in "/ geekweek" in the youtubes and see what you get <3
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    Love instead of bats I'm a big fan of social progress, and the research done it, so bare with me in this post. I'm glad there is more research around this since there is some backlash from...
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    Comp Sci as a core skill? I'm not sure how I feel about this. I'd like to see some districts in MN do this and see some results.
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