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  1. gopher7

    Last 8 game winning streak?

    If we win Saturday we will have an 8 game winning streak for the first time since 1948-49 I believe. Can anyone find one since then?
  2. gopher7

    Northwestern just clinched

    Does this make our game with them easier? I'm thinking they should rest their QB next week, maybe their backup too just to be safe.
  3. gopher7

    Fill me in

    Due to my limited time to follow sports as I grow older, I have watched next to no Gopher hockey the past five years. I hope this changes with a new coach and new energy. I'm curious though, why weren't we better? We obviously have talent. Is it as simple as Lucia not doing a good enough...
  4. gopher7


    This need to be brought up again and again until the NCAA changes something. Go back and look at what our guy was ejected for, and look at what Alabama's kickoff team is doing. It's beyond a joke at this point. I have never wanted to stop watching college football more than I do right now.
  5. gopher7

    Minnesota drivers

    Being Minnesotan, we are apparently predestined to many bad driving habits as this article states. I would have to agree with most of these complains, but then again I've never lived anywhere but here. Thoughts...
  6. gopher7

    First drive offense

    Why was ours so bad? Lack of preparation? Play calling? Mentally not ready? Will having a new play caller in a bowl game change this? In 12 games, we had: 1 FG (Ohio) 1 TD (Nebraska) 10 punts (including the last 5 games) Makes me cringe when Claeys wants the ball first.
  7. gopher7

    Late hit on Leidner

    Sorry if there was another thread on this but was there any public second guessing of the decision to pick of the flag on the Leidner late hit? This was as big as any play in the game, since because of this we had to punt and Michigan scored the winning TD. After watching the replay I simply...
  8. gopher7

    Where will MSU be ranked?

    Seeing how the SEC is largely tanking and the Big Ten is surprising, it'll be interesting to see where they end up. Probably will be behind TCU, but should they jump Alabama & Florida State? Their only 2 losses were to Ohio State and Oregon.
  9. gopher7

    Lane Kiffin being used in negative political ad in Tennessee

    "and just like Lane Kiffin, Gloria Johnson is all talk". Haha. :clap:
  10. gopher7

    Down goes Kansas

    Kansas loses at home to Oklahoma St, ouch. A chance for the Big 10 to go 1,2 in next week's rankings.
  11. gopher7

    Jedd Fisch reportedly a finalist for Seattle OC

  12. gopher7

    Did Mallett intentionally injure Heyward?

    Kind of looked like it to me.
  13. gopher7

    What happens if Weber gets injured?

    Will we forfeit?
  14. gopher7

    First disappointment of Horton era

    on a night when Weber is having success throwing downfield, and you've proclaimed you have to pull out all the stops to win, you run the ball on 3rd and 13 and settle for a medium range FG when you have a horrible kicker? Really?
  15. gopher7

    Gray & Alipate

    Interim coach Jeff Horton said after practice today that MarQueis Gray and Moses Alipate probably wouldn't get game reps at QB this year.!/GophersNow
  16. gopher7

    Brewster's record

    If the Gophers go 0-8 in the Big Ten this year, Brewster will have a lower conference winning percentage than Jim Wacker (He would be 6-26). Going 1-7 he will pass him up.
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